Update Aug 3: Click here for the Aug 2 video of Nancy Garrido’s interrogation.

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Below are the videos that the El Dorado District Attorney’s office released yesterday of Phillip and Nancy Garrido, who kidnapped and imprisoned Jaycee Dugard for 18 years.

From the Contra Costa Times:

District Attorney Vern Pierson, who also released documents related to Phillip Garrido’s criminal past and a map of known victims (.pdf) before Dugard, said he hopes the previously undistributed materials will shed light on how a violent sexual predator who was well-known to law enforcement was able to avoid suspicion in Dugard’s 1991 abduction for 18 years.

“This is one individual case, but it highlights some of shortcoming and failures that are more systematic,” Pierson told Bay Area News Group. “Some things have already changed (since Dugard resurfaced in 2009), but it is important to examine every aspect of the system to determine what more we can to do to ensure something like this won’t happen again.”

This video was shot by Nancy Garrido and shows a California parole agent conducting a search of their home. At one point Nancy Garrido asks the agent contentiously, “What does the parole agent do for his parolee?” The agent responds by threatening to put her in restraints if she doesn’t stay in one room. As the agent leaves, the Garridos complain about the visit among themselves and to him. “He’s an arrogant little guy, isn’t he?” Nancy Garrido says to her husband.

This is a home video in which Phillip Garrido instructs his wife to pretend to focus on him as she really records little children playing in a park. “You think anybody can see me,” Phillip Garrido asks. “No,” his wife says.

This is video the Garridos shot of kids in a parking lot.

Last week, James Ware, the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, released a report by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts concerning Phillip Garrido’s parole supervision during his imprisonment of Dugard while he was on probation for a previous kidnapping. As you can imagine, the report concludes that federal supervision of Garrido was “substandard.”

You can read the full report here (pdf). A <a href="previous report, by the Office of the Inspector General for California, on the state's supervision of Garrido, found that he "committed numerous parole violations and that the (Department of Corrections) failed to properly
supervise Garrido and missed numerous opportunities to discover his victims."

You can read that report (pdf), from 2009, here.

Here’s the statement about today’s release from the El Dorado DA’s office:

The District Attorney’s Office is releasing: a video of a CDCR parole officer’s search of the Garrido residence (circa 2000-2007), two video clips showing some of the Garridos’ activities videotaping children in public (circa 1989-1993), a map of South Lake Tahoe showing Garrido victims known to law enforcement prior to the abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard, and various additional documents (4 pages of federal parole documents, 1972 booking photo, 7 pages related to Phillip Garrido 1977 conviction, 2 photographs showing the condition of the tapes, and note signed by Jaycee Lee Dugard). It is hoped that these details begin to shed some light on several lingering unanswered questions, such as: How did Phillip Garrido get paroled from a 50 year Federal sentence and a five-to-life Nevada sentence after only 11 years? How did Phillip Garrido, a repeated kidnapper and rapist, with a history of kidnapping and raping in Lake Tahoe, who was on Federal parole, and was registered sex offender, avoid becoming a suspect in the disappearance of Jaycee in 1991? How did Phillip
Garrido keep Jaycee hidden for 18 years while on Federal and State Parole?

All of this will be discussed at the August 3, 2011 public meeting at the State Capitol with Senator Ted Gaines, District Attorney Vern Pierson, various law enforcement leaders and victims’ rights organizations as they seek to explore deficiencies in state law and identify potential legislative solutions to prevent these kinds of tragedies from ever occurring again.

Phillip and Nancy Garrido Videos Show Parole Agent Visit, Recordings of Children 3 August,2011Jon Brooks

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