Update 2:50 p.m.

Peter Jon Shuler reports that Sharon Woo from the District Attorney’s Office said at a press conference this afternoon that the case cited by attorney Scott Sugarman, mentioned in the 1:40 p.m. update, was not dismissed because of the video he cites, but because of concern over revealing the name of an informant.

However she said the D.A.’s office is reviewing cases involving the accused squad of officers as part of the process of determining whether to drop them or not.

Update 1:40 p.m.: Peter Jon Shuler reports the following from the Public Defender’s press conference today:

A private attorney named Scott Sugarman has come forward with a fourth video, the third from a surveillance camera at the Henry Hotel.

Sugarman said the video involves the same squad of plainclothes police accused of illegal misconduct during arrests. The case, like the other three, was dropped by the District Attorney’s Office. The video, Sugarman said, reveals a discrepancy between what the suspect was wearing and the description of that clothing in police reports, a factor in the case against the accused.

Last week, the San Francisco Police Dept reassigned six officers in its Southern Station plainclothes division due to allegations of illegal conduct during arrests at two hotels, which the PD contends can be seen in surveillance videos.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi said that the videos, recorded by cameras at two different hotels, show police making arrests without the proper warrants. The officers then filled out incident reports and gave court testimony, he said, which portrayed the arrests as legally conducted. Adachi’s office says the discrepancies amount to perjury.

At today’s press conference, it was revealed that an additional case — involving an arrest not caught on video — has also been dropped by prosecutors, because it involves the same squad of accused officers.

At least One More Case Related to SFPD Video Scandal Dropped; New Video to Be Released 6 June,2015Jon Brooks


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