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Subverting the System: Student and Teacher as Equals

One educator tries a different approach: “It’s a different way of approaching education, with educators not being the controlling force. It’s about breaking down boundaries and seeing yourself as an equal. We’re all just doing the best we can to learn and to try to form a narrative with cohesion and meaning.”

Harnessing Children’s Natural Ways of Learning

Fed up with the restrictions at his conventional school, 10-year-old Scott Gray convinced his parents to transfer him to one where children control their own education. His father, Peter Gray, who's a developmental psychologist, watched his son thrive and began seeking to understand how children learned in such a setting, and what lessons could be drawn from it.

Why Student-Centered Learning Can Change the World

“So,” Juárez Correa said, “what do you want to learn?” Correa asked his students this question in an attempt to bring student-centered learning to an impoverished Mexican town located near a dump where it’s not uncommon to find dead bodies on the street. With that question, Correa not only gave his students something to look forward to in coming to school, but also a clear path to “measurable” achievement.

The Challenges and Realities of Inquiry-Based Learning

As education continues the march toward a student-driven, project-oriented approach that values intelligent solutions to open-ended problems, it won’t be sufficient to focus on the wonderful discoveries and authentic work that result from an inquiry-based system. Instead, a far more difficult issue will come to the fore: How will we know if inquiry-based learning is successful, and what non-standardized measures of achievement, like better attitude, apply?

5 Tools to Help Students Learn How to Learn

Helping students learn how to learn: That’s what most educators strive for, and that’s the goal of inquiry learning. That skill transfers to other academic subject areas and even to the workplace where employers have consistently said that they want creative, innovative and adaptive thinkers. Inquiry learning is an integrated approach that includes kinds of … Continue reading 5 Tools to Help Students Learn How to Learn →

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