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Kno: the iPad Challenger

By Katie Stansberry Kno Inc., a young education technology company out of Santa Clara, CA, announced last week that it had secured $46 million in funding to develop a digital textbook table that is poised to take the education world by storm. According to news reports, the product will combine “digital textbooks, course materials, e-mail, … Continue reading Kno: the iPad Challenger →

School 2.0: How Learning is Changing

Educators must help their students be critical consumers of information. So says Jeff Livingston, Senior Vice President of McGraw-Hill Education Group, where he’s responsible for product development and marketing in curriculum areas, including developing Web 2.0 tools and resources. I spoke with Jeff recently about changes brewing in the education space. Q. How do you … Continue reading School 2.0: How Learning is Changing →

Scitable Goes Mobile

Last week, Scitable, the online science resource and social network for students, launched the mobile version of its open-access library. Now the content is available through the iPad, Android, BlackBerry, as well as basic-feature phones. Scitable exemplifies the Web 2.0 experience in the education space. Users can peruse the rich library of scientific research and … Continue reading Scitable Goes Mobile →

Education Nation: Questions for Milton Chen, Cont’d

In the first part of our Q&A with Milton Chen, author of Education Nation: Six Leading Edges of Innovation in Our Schools, we discussed the importance of training teachers to take advantage of tech tools, exemplary schools that are embracing technology, and finding great content on the web. Our conversation continues. Q. What are some … Continue reading Education Nation: Questions for Milton Chen, Cont’d →

Are Books Really “Going Away?”

“For me, real reading is for e-books, and books have become this kind of collectors’ object,” said Mr. Hanas, who has published short stories in literary journals like McSweeney’s and is publishing his next book, “Why They Cried,” only in digital format. “It’s kind of amazing to see people still going through the stages of … Continue reading Are Books Really “Going Away?” →

Digital Textbooks: Full interactive experience

Inkling An Inkling biology book on the iPad The full potential of digital textbooks is being realized with a new software platform called Inkling that brings the information to life on iPads, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. “The Inkling-based e-books make full use of the iPad’s color, video and touch … Continue reading Digital Textbooks: Full interactive experience →

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