Using NFL Technology for High School Athletes

Interesting piece about using NFL diagnostic tests for high school athletes. In Marin County, “athletes are evaluated on reaction time to what they see on the screen.” The test is given to athletes once a year before an injury, and they’re re-tested if they get a concussion.

How The iPad is Changing Education

It’s still far too expensive for the iPad to be distributed to every K-12 student in every school across the country. At a minimum of $500 per gadget, its affordability factor for the public education system is not its biggest seller. Even so, the glossy tablet is changing the way the education community approaches the … Continue reading How The iPad is Changing Education →

How to be Tech-Safe at School Protecting mobile phones, laptops, and e-readers from theft are just the tangible aspects of tech safety at school. Students should also learn how to be savvy social networkers (check those privacy settings), thwart “malware” (malicious software meant to infiltrate a computer), and back up all their data, says Huffington Post’s Christopher Burgess. Little-known fact … Continue reading How to be Tech-Safe at School →

Race to Nowhere: Live Interview Today with Director Vicki Abeles

In the documentary “Race to Nowhere: The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture,” director Vicki Abeles depicts how current culture is “destroying our children╩╝s love of learning and feeding an epidemic of unprepared, disengaged, and unhealthy students.” The filmmaker “aims her camera at the culture of hollow achievement and pressure to perform that has invaded … Continue reading Race to Nowhere: Live Interview Today with Director Vicki Abeles →

Online Homework Help for Students

Students are heading back to school, which means they’ll be heading home with piles of homework. For those who can afford it, online services help students with any kind of homework assistance they need, 24 hours a day, by being connected to teachers. Here’s CNN’s Mario Armstrong to explain how the service works. And here … Continue reading Online Homework Help for Students →

Parents, Teachers, Schools Communicating Online

Crocker In just about 15 minutes, I’ll join the parents of Crocker Highlands Elementary School, where my daughter will begin second grade, in finding out her classroom assignment. As is the tradition every year, parents and students are standing around the entrance of the school right now, where the students’ names will be listed under … Continue reading Parents, Teachers, Schools Communicating Online →

Get a Hobby: Photography with Camera Apps

The primary rules of photography have not changed much in the digital age. The Rule of Thirds still stands, as do traditional perspective, balancing, and framing guidelines. But advances in technology now used in this medium have made it possible for anyone to take truly creative photos, with or without following those rules. In fact, … Continue reading Get a Hobby: Photography with Camera Apps →

Online Learning

Susan Patrick, the president and CEO of the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL), makes the case for online classes in this short video on Edutopia. Her main point: “Students taking online courses are more engaged and are having higher rates of success … and learning how to learn differently in this new modern … Continue reading Online Learning →

Reading More With E-Readers

Flickr: Mike Licht It comes as no surprise to me that 40% of e-reader users said they now read more than they did with print books in the recent survey published in the Wall Street Journal. Since my iPad arrived in the mail two months ago, I’ve managed to blow through three novels — a … Continue reading Reading More With E-Readers →

Are Journalism Schools Becoming Irrelevant?

With the news that the University of Colorado may be shutting down its School of Journalism and Mass Communication, writer Jessica Corry argues that her alma mater — and most journalism schools — “probably never should have existed.” Her main point: Journalism isn’t rocket science. You’ve got it or you don’t, and when it comes … Continue reading Are Journalism Schools Becoming Irrelevant? →

10 Best Back-to-School Apps

Free Books App Apps are not just fun and games — they can serve a useful purpose too. In this article by Mashable, a list of the 10 most useful apps to help students get back to school. Highlights: Free audiobooks and lectures, customized flashcards, professor rater, homework calendar organizers, and textbook rental apps. Going … Continue reading 10 Best Back-to-School Apps →

Digital Devices: Blaming the Messenger?

Flickr: CogDogBlog Busy people with busy lives depend on their mobile devices to connect them to the many obligations they’re accountable for: responding to emails, remembering appointments, checking in with family and friends. A New York Times article, “Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime,” argues that spending every spare minute — whether it’s standing … Continue reading Digital Devices: Blaming the Messenger? →

The Best Free Education Courses Online

Flickr: EditorB Last week, Bill Gates made headlines with his quote about how the web will be better than any single university in the next five years. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but in the same spirit of furthering the cause of online education, here’s an article from Lifehacker listing the best free … Continue reading The Best Free Education Courses Online →

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