Wifi Radiation Hysteria in Canada Schools

The jury’s still out on whether wifi routers emit harmful radiation, but according to a Treehugger report, some teachers and parents in Ontario, Canada are blaming wifi as the cause of illness and seeking to ban it from schools. From Treehugger: Daniel Krewski, director of the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment at the … Continue reading Wifi Radiation Hysteria in Canada Schools →

Wikipedia: a student’s trusted source?

Is Wikipedia considered an accepted source of information for school research? It might soon be the case, according to a recent CNET story. “When things have shaken out, it may be a world where free-for-all online information hubs are accepted–or, if proponents of ‘collaborative knowledge’ have their way, even embraced.” What’s more, sites like Quora … Continue reading Wikipedia: a student’s trusted source? →

Bill Gates: web will be better than college

Last week’s hubbub over Bill Gates’ quote at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe: “Five years from now on the web for free you’ll be able to find the best lectures in the world. It will be better than any single university.” [Via TechCrunch]

Reigning in online time

If you type in “Addicted to the … ” in Google, take a guess what the genius search engine predicts will be your next words. Outranking “outdoors,” “therapy,” and “gym” is “the Internet.” That doesn’t necessarily indicate the highest incidents of addiction, but it does signal what people are most interested in reading about. The … Continue reading Reigning in online time →

One computer, a class full of interactive kids

Ideally, every kid would have her own laptop or computer in the classroom. But in schools where that’s not yet the case, resourceful teachers can still find ways to leverage some of the advantages of technology to engage learners — even if there’s just one ancient relic sitting in the corner of the classroom. Setting … Continue reading One computer, a class full of interactive kids →

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