Many students struggle with writing, and one of the most difficult parts of an analytical essay is the introduction. Some students may find it easier to wait to write the introduction until after honing in on a great thesis and backing up the argument with analysis. Only then will they have the clarity to craft an interesting, compelling introduction.

As every writing teacher knows, a good introduction hooks the reader and pulls them along so they want to keep reading. This TED-ED video explains why introductions are so important and gives concrete tips and examples for how to write them better. Once students know the rules, it’s easier to break them in creative ways that still get the job done.

How to Grab and Hold Readers’ Attention In Academic Writing 15 December,2016MindShift

  • George Napier

    This is a lovely video. Introductions are important and help encourage better writing. Academic writing is a critical skill that is often ignored or poorly tended. I may show this video in one of my classes someday. Thank you for the resource.

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  • Rafael F

    Useful video. For me, writing essays has always been very problematic. I agree that the introductions and abstracts are a very important element of the work. I read a lot of articles on writing an essay. For example, a site – But some subjects at the university were very difficult for me. Then I had to turn to professional writers. I ordered abstracts and an entry on the site – I wrote other parts of an essay myself. But without the formulation of the introduction and theses, further work will be impossible.

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