Amidst the national obsession with raising test scores, Larry Rosenstock offers a simple suggestion: “Have kids doing work that’s important to them instead of this antiquated notion of content.”

Rosenstock is one of the co-founders of High Tech High, a group of charter schools that’s lauded as a model example of how formal education can embrace inquiry-based, truly student-driven, project-based learning. For Rosenstock, the way to a student’s motivation is through his heart, and through high expectations.

To educators, he says: “Catch yourself every time you’re systematically mis-predicting who can and who can’t do what among your children. We mis-predict among race, gender, socio-economic status, and standardized test. It’s not democratic and it’s not moving us forward.”

Read more about High Tech High’s initiative in the Deeper Learning movement.


  • “Have kids doing work that’s important to them instead of this antiquated notion of content.”

    In other words, become comfortable with larger welfare populations? In other words, embrace Video Game Player as our most valuable profession in 2015?

    • Scott

      Unnecessarily harsh. Without any data to back it up, my feeling is that people who fail to find a career or field their passionate about are more likely to be the ones who bounce between jobs and end up requiring social service support. There’s plenty of reason to believe that a skilled programmer is an incredibly opportunistic career path today as well today. On the other hand, give kids room to pursue something they care about you might get this:

      • Scott

        Pardon the grammar errors.

    • spellchek

      You’ve COMPLETELY missed the point.


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  • Drew Perkins

    Yep, teacher need to think in terms of: What questions can we ask of kids that are important to them but will lead them to ask and answer the questions important to us as educators.

  • Coconuts

    This is the most simplistic, and I have to use the word “stupid” because here it is the most appropriate, attempt to date to get the public to buy into privitization.

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