It’s a provocative question, and it may be argued that “choosing” is not exactly the right term. For schools using any online tools — from Edmodo to any of Google’s apps to student information systems, are they risking exposure to a data breach, or is the issue being blown out of proportion? PBS Idea Channel’s always-entertaining Mike Rugnetta breaks it down.


  • geri caruso

    It is not a provocative question…. it is kind of a boring one at this point. Of course we are giving up our privacy when we go online, anyone knows that… but don’t worry about it. At some point everyone who knows what privacy is will be dead, just like everyone who fought in WWII or all the Holocaust victims, Kind of like everyone will have “those pictures” of themselves on the web so it won’t be a big deal anymore… so then the world can just forget about privacy and no one will even notice. After that we will start… well which would be best….. how about search and seizure rights. You must have some stuff I would like to have….

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