This week, schools, students, and parents are taking the time to thank teachers in their communities for their hard work during Teacher Appreciation Week. No question it’s a tough job, under a great deal of scrutiny and sometimes with not enough respect, but the millions of people who have dedicated their lives to teaching love their profession because they know they’re making a difference.

Educators are celebrating the week by making their voices heard on Twitter through  #TeachingIs with these comments like these: “Teaching is art. Teaching is science. Teaching is joy. Teaching is struggle. Teaching is growth. Teaching is life.”

Jessica Keigan writes: “Teaching is celebrating when the student who struggled all year to engage with the books we are reading in class finds a book that he can connect with and begins to choose other texts that feed his new-found interests. Teaching is pushing students to do more than they think they can do and providing support for them along the way.”

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

What #TeachingIs to me

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. While I’m definitely looking forward to the dessert buffet that my administrators will provide in celebration of my peers and me, this year I’m hoping for a more meaningful celebration of all the amazing teachers I interact with every day. So how might this happen?

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