Author danah boyd’s book It’s Complicated: the Social Lives of Networked Teens has got parents and educators rethinking how teens use digital media. In a post on MiddleWeb, teacher Kevin Hodgson breaks down what boyd’s findings mean for teachers trying to teach and model good digital citizenship skills. Two key points include listening to students, especially because they may have a very different relationship to online spaces than adult mentors; and explicitly teaching students how to find and understand online media. Kids need to know how to judge what’s true and what’s not in the online world.

It Sure Is Complicated: Teen Life in the Digital Age | MiddleWebA MiddleWeb Blog Dr. danah boyd chose an excellent title for her new book about her research on young people and technology: It’s Complicated: the social lives of networked teens. She’s right on the money: it sure is complicated.

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A Teacher’s Perspective on Teens’ Complicated Online Lives 19 March,2014Katrina Schwartz


Katrina Schwartz

Katrina Schwartz is a journalist based in San Francisco. She’s worked at KPCC public radio in LA and has reported on air and online for KQED since 2010. She’s a staff writer for KQED’s education blog MindShift.

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