In addition to the many reasons listed as to why teachers quit their profession in this article, the author also identifies why they stay:

“Those schools that do a far better job of managing and coping with and responding to student behavioral issues have far better teacher retention,” says [educator and researcher Richard Ingersoll]. And, in both public and private schools, “buildings in which teachers have more say—their voice counts—have distinctly better teacher retention.”

Why Do Teachers Quit?Richard Ingersoll taught high-school social studies and algebra in both public and private schools for nearly six years before leaving the profession and getting a Ph.D. in sociology. Now a professor in the University of Pennsylvania’s education school, he’s spent his career in higher ed searching for answers to one of teaching’s most significant problems: teacher turnover.

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What Compels Teachers to Quit – Or to Stay? 28 October,2013Tina Barseghian

  • Kris Schaeffer

    Teach Like A Champion by Doug Lemov is a great book that addresses best practices in classroom management. It’s accompanied by video examples of the various methods.

  • Lindsay Stewart

    The turnover rate of teaching professionals can not be denied, and I believe that the retention of teachers is an area that needs to have more scrutiny. Thank you for sharing this article regarding Mr. Ingersoll’s research; it was very enlightening.

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