The New York Times shows a provocative 10-minute video previewing the documentary film American Promise, which follows two African-American boys from kindergarten through graduation. The film provides a glimpse of middle-class black life and how race reflects the lives of even the most privileged African-American students. It’s a story of the boys and their parents, as families confront the difficult task of raising confident young men in America. The documentary opens in New York October 18 and in the San Francisco Bay Area November 15.

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  • Inflects?
    3rd person present: inflects
    1. change the form of (a word) to express a particular grammatical function or attribute, typically tense, mood, person, number, case, and gender.
    2. vary the intonation or pitch of (the voice), esp. to express mood or feeling.

    • tbarseghian

      Should be “reflects” – apologies for the typo.

    • Guest

      As a transitive verb ‘inflect’ means “to bend.” That could work. But ‘reflects’ definitely doesn’t work.

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  • Guest

    Are you sure it should be ‘reflects’? How does race ‘reflect’ the lives of students? Maybe you meant affects?


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