In her TED talk teacher Rita Pierson reminds educators what lies at the foundation of learning — the relationship between the teacher and the student. She says despite bad policies, bad school days, and difficult children, teachers are still champions for kids; and kids will learn from teachers they admire and respect. Her inspiring talk reminds everyone why the teaching profession can be so rewarding.

Why Every Student Needs a Teacher Champion 5 October,2017Katrina Schwartz

  • As per my understanding, teacher is someone who make one’s life. We should respect teachers. In India, we celebrate Teacher’s Day on Sept 5th.

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    Teaching is hard. Fostering relationships with each student is harder. With that said, it is so worth it, it is so rewarding, and it is teachers who will make or break our future. With the unrest in our country, and in the world, we are the first line to teach acceptance, humility, and love. Common Core is here, and we must and will teach it, but I think teachers do more than educate, they make good people. Compassionate people. People who know that they can make it because they have at least one person in their corner, cheering them on. I am not the best teacher in the world, never have been, and perhaps never will be…I’ve seen so many changes in my “almost 8” years… One thing I do well however is love my babies. I’m in first, so they are still babies… When I send them on, they may not be the best readers, they may not be the best and brightest in the world…some are…but they are well-loved. Each and every one of my students know that they have worth, no matter their level of income, their color, or their religion…they have worth because they are loved and because they have tried. I don’t do “I can’t”. In some way or another, everyone “can”.

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    very profound insight on relationship of teachers and students, so good!


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