It’s a common joke that as people joke their brain processing slows down and their memory slips. But, in a Brilliance Blog post, Annie-Murphy Paul discusses 10 ways that adults are actually getting smarter as they age.

“Researchers have recently made some surprising discoveries about what’s really happening in our heads as we age: ‘We are identifying ways in which older minds hold their own against younger ones and even surpass them,’ Gatz says.

Intelligence, Beyond Raw Brainpower What does it take to think and act in an intelligent way? Many of us would say it’s simply a matter of raw brainpower.

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  • Bill Brennan

    I’ve been thinking (and slowly writing) about intelligence more and more lately ( . If we consider Intelligence as –> ones ability to adapt to change, then absolutely we can become more intelligent. However, it’s the strategies we use to get there which will be important.

    Given the tools available today (social technologies),I believe we can Accelerate Intelligence on an individual and organizational level.


Katrina Schwartz

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