In this excellent demonstration of how teachers can use tech to develop student-led learning, science teacher David Andrews explains how tablets and apps can be useful tools alongside paper, pen, and scissors.

“As an observer in the classroom – that’s how it feels, in contrast to being a ‘standing at the front’ teacher – the sense of engagement, productivity, creativity and learning is incredible. The pupils discuss, collaborate, plan and re-plan and check that their work meets the needs of the project. The devices are used as and when required as the children work towards their goal of demonstrating their skills, knowledge and understanding.”

Our year 6 students have been using iPads and iPods since September on a one-to-one basis to support learning, develop productivity, independence and impact on pupil progress across the curriculum. The devices haven’t been used for everything; but they are available as a tool to help with their learning for a variety of tasks.

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Good Read: High-Tech Meets Low-Tech in Well-Rounded Classroom 25 June,2013Tina Barseghian
  • This article gets it exactly right! Technology is not a panacea. When used well, it enhances what we teachers have always done. At Parlor, we hope to provide a technology that works to enhance and then get out of the way of a great discussion. Like in the example in this article, the technology is a tool alongside very traditional instructional methods, and together they improve education.

  • johnsanwaugh Nice Post! Really like it.

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