Schools, the way they’re currently constructed, are not needed anymore, says educational researcher Sugatra Mitra, founder of Hole in the Wall project in India and winner of the 2013 TED Prize. At his recent TED talk asked the following provocative question: Is knowing obsolete? Sugatra made the following request: help him design the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India, where children can explore, go on intellectual adventures, and learn from each other — using resources and mentoring from the cloud.

  • xapientia

    Let us all get involved and shift the educational paradigm. Let us all spread the news and make this information available to new audiences. Thank you for making it visible Tina. I Just posted his talk in my Blog.

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  • gary

    Mr. Mitra has done, in my opinion, what Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and many others have done. He has brought us something that we did not know we wanted. He did the same for those children with his computer in the wall. I have done additional research into the history of Public schooling in the US. Mr. Horace Mann, probably well intended, was instrumental in creating this system that, if it was a consumer product, it would have been taken from the shelf decades ago. So, I think we should definitely embrace this new LEARNING model.

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