Educator Jaime McGrath and designer Drew Davies explain how to create a “classroom of imagination” by turning lessons into design problems and giving students space to be creative in this Tedx video. In a New York Times op-ed The MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Competition’s co-director Cathy Davidson said she thinks it’s possible that 65 percent of students today will end up doing jobs that haven’t been created yet.

McGrath and Davies argue that school needs to keep up with the times by promoting creativity, entrepreneurship, design thinking and hands on skills. McGrath’s experience teaching design problems has convinced him that the approach includes all learning styles, brings the best of project-based learning, encourages cooperation and integrates subject matter horizontally. But mostly, McGrath and Davies are impressed at the cool stuff kids design.

Video: “The Future Will Not be Multiple Choice” 4 February,2013Katrina Schwartz
  • Carolyn Stanley

    This was a great video. It really is powerful because of all the specific examples – theory put into practice. Fantastic! Let’s trust our students, not limit them by our own dulled sense of creativity.

  • Daniel Hunnisett

    Great video. I saw Sugata Mitra (creator of the ‘Hole in the Wall’ project) at BETT (the UK educational technology show) this weekend and he put across many similar ideas. Children have such potential to learn and create of their own accord if given the chance. Raises a lot of interesting questions too – how do you make sure all children are engaged and learning? How do you manage parental or management expectations and objectives? Is this approach scaleable, or is it by it’s nature dependent on an inspirational teacher?

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  • 8legs

    This is amazing for the average and advanced student. How will this work with special needs children who do not have the cognitive ability to make the connections?

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  • Samantha Mulford-Phillips

    Fabulous…I knew there was still a place in the classroom for a free thinking, creative edtech teacher that puts student centered, problem based learning above and beyond TESTING and data analysis. Thank you for giving me hope.

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