Seven-year-old Audri wants to study robotics at MIT and become a theoretical physicist someday. Until then, he’s keeping busy making things like this awesome Rube Goldberg machine, as he describes it, “a machine that creates a complicated chain reaction to do a simple task.” He was inspired to make this video after seeing OK GO’s This Too Shall Pass. Audri’s incredible sculpture, constructed with pencils, marbles, a toaster, books, pen tips, a paper roll, and wine glass, is a tribute to the ingenuity and resilience of kids — and what happens when you put learning their hands.


  • Alison Stacey

    Mrs. Barseghian,
    I love this video. I used to love doing things like this when I was little with my twin brother. Our little contraptions were on a much smaller scale, but we used to line up the dominoes and other household items, too. I know this little guy has a great future ahead of him! He is super creative. Thank you for sharing this video.
    Alison Stacey

  • JohnnyVoxx

    Good job kid!

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