Lewis Tachau is a 13-year-old middle school student and avid online gamer. In this enjoyable TEDx Talk, Lewis talks about how his favorite online game taught him not just everything he knows about World War II, but also how to socialize with his peers, and share his interests, knowledge, skills, and thoughts with others, and how that builds upon each others’ work.

“All in all this makes for a great educational experience, offering me a feeling of community, opportunity for co-regulation and training in self-regulation — a well-rounded education, if you ask me,” he says.


The Educational Value of Games: A 13-Year-Old’s View 13 June,2013Tina Barseghian

  • Lewis rocked it! ¬†Well delivered!

  • Carrie Schmeck

    Yes! Yes! Yes! This boy is obviously very bright, but you can’t tell me my son wouldn’t know every character’s name and every nuance of every weapon in a video game. If those were historical names and weapons? He would know history and he would be engaging in it. Far more effective than a textbook for him (and thousands of other boys, especially).

  • Harry G

    Mind blown!

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