This article was published a few months ago, but has been circulating again. Compare the data presented here to the small case study examining what young readers retain when reading print books versus digital leads us to ask: is memory retention the goal of reading when it comes to learning?

Schools and universities are using e-readers and tablets as valuable learning tools, but scientists are questioning their effect on memory. A small but growing number of researchers are uncovering evidence that readers are better able to remember what they read in printed books long-term when compared to materials read via an electronic screen.

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  • Kelle

    Isn’t reading to learn a matter of expanding and enhancing your knowledge base? And isn’t memory retention part of that process? Can you come to a deep conceptual understanding of a subject if you can’t remember the facts you’ve read? I think I come down on the side of memory retention being a goal of reading when it comes to learning.

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