Interesting premise: getting girls interested in video games will also lead them to learn how to they’re made.

“The leap toward more advanced computing comes not only from playing games—today, 94 percent of girls are gaming, compared with 99 percent of boys—but in becoming curious about how they work and then beginning to tinker with code in order to modify game results. Boys are still much more likely than girls to explore this type of simple computer programming, and not every young girl who is curious about how computers work has an encouraging parent at home or the hardware she needs.”


Read more from Slate’s special issue on science education and give us your best ideas for raising the next generation of scientists and engineers. The United States has produced viable female presidential candidates, women athletes who command millions of dollars in endorsements, and the first female Nobel economist.

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  • Anonymous

    Definitely a good read.  Anyone have any links to what kinds of game content girls respond to best?  

    Our organization has created a math education RPG that boys respond to quite well.  We have tried to incorporate elements that girls will enjoy by allowing for the ability to customize characters through different clothing and accessories purchases.  So far, boys are still more interested.  Considering the idea of incorporating pets into the game.  Thoughts?

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