The market is flooded with educational apps, as we all know. To make things a little easier, the producers of the Infinite Thinking Machine have pinpointed five great math apps that draw kids into learning math concepts. The show features an app that teach fractions, algebra, geometry, a graphic calculator with a social feature, and a useful search tool.

Five Great Math Apps 7 May,2012MindShift

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    The Math Apps presented here are both exciting to use and educational.  Not only that they can easily be used in a classroom.  I downloaded the Motion Math app and could not begin to imagine how easy it was to use.  I cannot wait to use the graphing calculator app and incorporate it into my classroom. 

  • NicklasGustafsson

    another great math app that is a laugh to play is ‘Addictive’

  • We’ve just released our latest math app – it’s called Teaching Table. You can find it at

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