Interesting premise: “The impulse to deny boredom finds its expression in mere stagecraft and manipulation, in the willingness to pander and entertain. We find this tendency at work even in education, where teachers are increasingly pressured to think of their students as, in effect, products, whose performance specifications are being molded, rather than people with minds of their own. If boredom stems from detachment, and if some measure of detachment is unavoidable in art (and in life), than getting bored is not just an irritating state, it’s an opportunity.”

Dr. Taub, one of the characters in Fox’s television show House, has infant twins. He loves them and wants to care for them. The problem is: he finds spending time with them unbearably boring. Their books put him to sleep. He finds it awkward and unnatural to engage in their play.

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  • Tcataldi

    This is absolutely great! I think I’ll have to read it over and over again, because I don’t think I have fully understood the depth of this message!

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