On the heels of Monday’s story about a new Facebook app called Hoot.me that focuses students on lessons at hand, and away from distractions, here’s some news from Grockit in the same realm:

Facebook’s developer conference, Grockit, a social learning company, announced a new integration with Facebook that will make it even easier for students around the world to create Grockit study groups with their friends. Now people using Grockit can quickly create “Study Rooms,” invite their Facebook friends and prepare together for college entrance examinations, such as the SAT, ACT, LSATs, GMATs, GREs, and more. Students can also track and share academic progress and milestone achievements towards their academic goals on their Facebook profiles.

“Millions of students are on Facebook, but they aren’t just socializing. They are helping each other with homework, sharing school resources, and in general hacking together a social learning experience online,” said Farbood Nivi, founder and Chief Product Officer, Grockit. “The cool thing about our new Facebook integration is that students can create, control, and access Grockit Study Rooms right from their Facebook profiles. Study Rooms include tons of content to help with studying, from practice questions, to video lessons, and even personal tutoring.”

Earlier this year, Grockit released research showing that students who study together on Grockit do twice as much work — and get answers correct more often — as students who study alone.

In addition to creating new study groups, people using Grockit can share the total number of hours spent studying, the total number of questions attempted, and their progress studying within Grockit via their Facebook profiles. People can control how their activity is shared with friends on Facebook from their Facebook privacy settings.

To learn more about Grockit’s Facebook integration, please visit: Grockit.com/social

  • kim

    This is cool. I really believe tools, like Grockit, can really improve a student’s quality of learning if applied in the right way. Another tool which I think we should keep our eyes on is http://www.TermWiki.com
    Thanks for the write-up.

  • Hi, my name is Bonnie Gaudet and I am a student and pre-service teacher in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. One of my class assignments this week is to read and comment on your blog, then summarize what I read in a post of my own on my blog.(www.gaudetbonnieedm310.blogspot.com)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this post, and several that were linked to in it. I love that Facebook usage is being broadened to include an academic aspect. I had heard about Hoot.me recently but this post was the first I heard about Grockit. Both concepts to me seem like great ideas. I am currently working on a group assignment for a class that would be greatly uncomplicated by the use of these two programs! I am excited to be coming into the field of education at such a revolutionary time!

    • Anonymous

      Welcome to the conversation, Bonnie!

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