Salman Khan, interviewed by Charlie Rose, talks about his Khan Academy, a series of thousands of informational YouTube videos about a world of subjects. Khan talks about his goals for wanting to be taken as seriously as other revered institutions; about the systemic problem of students being forced to move on to the next level in schools despite having huge gaps in knowledge; about how he researches all the subjects he teaches in his videos (step 1: Wikipedia), and the freedom of making entertaining videos without high production costs (people like the fact that it’s “some dude is making this for his cousins. There’s a human element to it,” he says.)

I spoke to Khan last December about his vision of the future school day, and am looking forward to interviewing him next week at the NewSchool Summit.

  •  A passionate learned man and a brilliant story teller!

    • Susan Eidson

      Then tap on the when I say student digital desktop. All ideas have been figured together. One size fits all schools. Age, grade level, language and challenged country, city, state.

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