“Instead of wondering what students can do with their devices … district educators ask students to create or brainstorm ways they might use their devices for learning purposes.”

What a concept!

The quote comes from Jill Hobson, Forsyth County School District’s instructional technology director talking about the district’s “Bring Your Own Technology” initiative in this great piece by E-school News’s Laura Devaney.

It shows that the district has gone beyond wondering whether tech devices are helpful in school. That’s a moot point. The district is not only training teachers how to incorporate students’ own valuable tech devices into the learning process, but it’s actually reaching out to students to include them in figuring out how they might use it as a learning device.

Are other districts trying out this tactic? I’d love to know how students respond to the challenge.

  • The best teachers are likely to be those that learn the most from their students. This approach make perfect sense to me. Do you want your children in schools where they are experimenting with social media or schools where they block it and confiscate the tools at the front door?

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