Learning from current math textbooks is the equivalent of watching hours of “Two and a Half Men”: meaningless, says math teacher Dan Meyer at last year’s TED Talk in New York. Students are taught to solve formulaic solutions to formulaic problems without any real-world context. Check out Meyers’ vision of what learning math should be.

Beyond Formulas: Making Math Relevant for Students 13 April,2011Tina Barseghian
  • Melanie West

    WOW! This is RIGHT on….all types of learners can learn when teachers shift from presenting content to faciliating the development of thought. SO good!

  • Dan has some great points he brings up in this video.

    I think we could go a bit further though and restructure math curriculum away from a progression leading to calculus and more to a system that recognizes that multiple domains are useful (such as probability, statistics, and programming) rather than just one (algebra leading to calculus).

  • I like the way you turn the old-fashioned math problems around – letting the students develop the steps as a part of the problem. I’m inspired, and soon I’m having a hose, a tank and a camera in my hands.

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