Following last night’s State of the Union address by President Obama, the White House will host a State of the Union Education Roundtable on Thursday, Jan. 27.

PBS Teachers has been asked to solicit questions from teachers about the education issues the President raised. A sampling of popular questions will be posed to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan during the livestreamed Education Roundtable event on January 27th at 3:15pm. Submissions and voting for questions will close at 12pm on Thursday, January 27th.

Teachers can submit questions here.

Some samplings indicate this will be be a lively discussion.

  • Lois Donnell

    I am a retired teacher as of 1978. My best friends are teachers my husband and I taught with over the years. I know no teacher who has ever spent any moment thinking about the “Teacher’s Union”, unlee they were being treated unfairly. I know of no former, or current teacher that thinks merit pay will help education improve. The very best principal I’ve ever had spent a lot of time in the classroom really seeing the teahers do what their plans said, and interacting with the children, and the teachers.. .and sharing the good things he saw with all the teachers at faculty meetings. I terachers don’t do well, it should be noticed and corrected. If they can’t or don’t improve, they should leave the profession.
    I wish you, and all heads of education would read Diane Ravitch’s book ” The Death and Life of the Great American School System…How Testing annd Choice Are Undermining Education”. It was published in 2010.

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