Here’s another reason why parents should friend their kids on Facebook (or at least try).

According to a recent Kaplan Test survey: “38% of more than 2,300 students say that if their parents were able to see their progress in their SAT or ACT prep classes – just like they track their progress in school – that they would have put more effort in.”

“Facebook continues to be the new frontier in the ever evolving relationship between parent and child,” said Kristen Campbell, executive director, college prep programs, Kaplan Test Prep.

In many cases, though, kids won’t friend their parents (the word “friend” is used as a verb here intentionally). This particular report showed that 35% of teens surveyed are not Facebook friends with their parents.

But here’s perhaps the most intriguing stat of all:

16% of teens who are friends with their parents on Facebook report that being friends with them was a pre-condition for being allowed to create their own profile.

To the degree that they still can, parents are exercising their authority when it comes to being a part of their kids’ world — both virtual and real. It’s no mystery that parents staying involved with their kids’ academics and social lives will keep teens more accountable.

  • Melissa Cook

    As the owner of a Test Preparation Company, (and the parent of a Junior!) I can personally attest to the fact that parents need to take a big interest in the preparation process. Most teens need to know that parents are not just paying, but that they are holding them accountable for their results!

    Melissa Cook
    Test Preps, Inc.
    Buffalo NY

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