For those who think history is boring, maybe Lady Gaga can change their tune.

Two Hawaii teachers have created music videos for YouTube that use pop songs to teach classical history, according to an article in the Star Advertiser.

So far, the duo has produced 49 videos on YouTube.

“We’ve only had wildly ecstatic responses. It just blows them away,” Mahelona said [one of the teachers]. “The kids just eat it up. And then they take the exam and just from singing the songs, they would remember everything.”

Lady Gaga’s famous “Bad Romance” helps illustrate the French Revolution. Check it out.

  • IamBullyproofMusic

    We have been teaching SEL, ELA, and history for a long time this way. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! SO concur!

  • Mikefisher821

    How much more awesome would this be if the STUDENTS made the videos?

    • Mikefisher821

      Not to take away from the awesomeness of the teacher’s videos…great idea!

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