Mashable finds a way to relive our favorite childhood stories with “5 Classic Children’s Tales Reinvented for the iPad.”

We’ve already mentionedAlice for the iPad,” but Mashable also tips its hat at “Popout! The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” “The Frog Prince,”Aesop’s Wheel,” and “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

Check out the interactive features:

  • Thanks for posting. I like this article. Recently I posted my own Top 10 iPad Book Apps for Education. You can see them here:

  • Awesome!! Technology when used to promote education and learning…well, I’m all for it…something to keep their little minds occupied (with good) http://www.cowboycoloringbooks

  • Bruce Stewart

    We recently downloaded the Hairy Maclary ebook iPad app (a popular NZ children’s book), and it has an interactive feature that I hadn’t seen before and really liked. It offers the option for the reader to re-record the audio track of the book in their own voice, and this feature was a HUGE hit with our 8-year-old son. He literally spent hours with the app, recording and re-recording passages, trying to get his tone just right, laughing hilariously at the results, and generally having a great time.

    I’m not sure if this concept makes sense outside of children’s books, but I sure was pleasantly surprised about how enjoyable it was for my son. Clearly it reinforces some learning skills (reading, grammar, punctuation, etc), but in such a fun way that it felt like pure play. The fact that my son was already familiar with this book, and it was a old favorite, probably enhanced this experience for him.

    Not to mention, it makes for an interesting memento. If we’re able to successfully hang on to these digital bits (a big “if”, I know), I can imagine him playing it for his kids some day.

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