If you haven’t heard of Roadtrip Nation, now’s a good time for an introduction. Their own description aptly sums up what they are:

Roadtrip Nation is a public television series and grassroots movement that encourages young people to hit the road in search of interviews with leaders who have created lives out of what they love doing and defined their own distinct routes through life.

The distinctive green bus was parked outside the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay for the duration of Big Ideas Fest. Inside the bus, the innovators and thinkers who came to the event shared their personal stories with the Roadtrippers over the course of three days.

Here’s what they said:

  • Lisa Bostwick

    Very nice! Helping kids trust their instincts, act on curiosity, and know that everyone has a unique path that requires interaction, networking, listening and experimenting. Life skills 101 🙂

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