California’s graduation rate overall has gone up, according to a press release by State Schools Chief Jack O’Connell.

“In 2008-09, 70.1 percent of public school students in California graduated from high school, up from 68.5 percent last year. The adjusted four-year derived dropout rate for the same school year is 21.7 percent, up from 18.9 percent last year.”

In terms of the achievement, gap: “The graduation rate among Hispanic students is 59 percent, a 4.9 percentage point increase since last year. Among African-American students the graduation rate is 59.6 percent, a 1.4 percentage-point increase.” Though the dropout rate in this context is still quite alarming: “The estimated dropout rate among Hispanics is at 26.9 percent and among African-Americans it is 36.9 percent. The percentages for both subgroups are up by approximately 3 percentage points, mirroring the percentage increase in the statewide results.”

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Update: California Graduation and Dropout Rates 9 December,2010Tina Barseghian

  • Guest

    The graduation and dropout rates both went up, according to the California Department of Education. This might seem counter-intuitive but it is possible. Of course, some large school districts have expressed concerns about the data, so who knows.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the clarification. The post itself quoted the information correctly, but the headline was confusing, and I changed it accordingly.

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