The new Nook’s glossy, full-color touchscreen is making a splash in the tech world today.

Facts so far, according to PC World: 7 inches tall, Wifi only (no 3G), $249.  Barnes & Noble is taking pre-orders for the Nook Color now, with an expected ship date of November 19.

From the article:

“The move towards touch screens and apps suggests that Barnes & Noble wants to do more than sell books. Success will depend largely on whether the apps are any good, but $250 is a nice price for any multi-purpose tablet. The Kindle has third-party apps as well, but there aren’t many of them, and the possibilities are limited without color and a touch screen.”
  • A normal person

    i love the nook color! it comes out a week after my birthday. I have to pony up another one hundred dollars for my parents, but it is totally worth it! it is the next i pad, let me refraze that, it is the ipad, its better! waiting an extra week and having to give another one hundred dollars is worth it. another year older, another year smarter. not to mention it can surf the web and listen to music, just thin enough to put a headphone hole in it. go nook color!

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