From the Fort Morgan Times:

Fort Morgan School District students will have a chance to use the Wii video game system for some physical education classes starting soon.

Not every student can play soccer or kickball during physical education due to their disabilities, and the Wii system is helpful for disabled kids to learn eye-hand coordination, balance and using both sides of their bodies, said Tammy Johnson, director of special education, during Monday`s meeting of the Fort Morgan Board of Education.

Wii in lieu of P.E.? 6 October,2010Tina Barseghian
  • Nice to know Wii can help the disabled, thanks Nintendo!!

  • Wii video game system can help school’s students, good console.

  • It’s cool but I also think it’s a pretty lazy way to go about P.E. Running around the field and staying in one spot are still different things

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