Last week, I wrote a post about word games like Scrabble that friends can play with each other online.

But for those who want to practice on their own at home, or for teachers who can display a computer monitor on a projector or has a SmartBoard, there are some addictive online games.

  • I found one called Countdown on Education Technology blog. Set the timer and try to work out as many words as you can with the random letters given to you. (There’s a similar version for numbers, too.)
  • Boggle, the classic word-scramble game, can also be played online.
  • And another similar one on East of the Web called Eight because you play with eight letters.

What online word games do you like best? Send suggestions!

  • I think these games are fabulous. Here is an idea, if you haven’t done it already. Take root words and ad or substract prefixes and subfixes to change the meaning of the word or change its role in a sentence. Example Fun denotes pleasure, something enjoyable. Funny denotes something comical, amusing. Unfunny denotes the opposite – not funny. That’s just one example and it might not be the best. Helping students with word manipulation and recognizing parts of speech will take them a long way.

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