If you don’t know the meaning of “511” when you see the text on your teenager’s cell phone, let your own mobile phone define it for you.

For befuddled parents who need help navigating the jumbled world of teenage texts (“511” means “too much information”), consider the following apps.

LRNtheLingo: The app defines text acronyms; the latest lingo (“gank” means “steal”), and explains emoticons.

Netlingo: Provides a long and amusing list of definitions. For example:

AMRMTYFTS: All My Roommates Thank You For The Show

– AYTMTB: And You’re Telling Me This Because

Gratz: Congratulations

Cyberbullying watchdogs list the apps as useful tools for parents to be aware of the meaning of the texts their kids receive.

BB4N. (Bye-bye for now.)

  • Jill Naxos

    Hi – is there a scrabble application that you could recommend for the iPhone, or online? My BFF and I love to play scrabble, but now that we're living in different cities, I'm looking for a way to play one another online.

    • Tina Barseghian

      Hi Jill, check out my post later today about Scrabble-type apps and online word games.

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