Make Your Own Zeega

As part of The Making Of project we’ve partnered with Zeega, a group of folks who are creating a new online storytelling platform. This brand new tool makes it easy create digital stories combining your own content with media curated from across the web. Video, photographs,words, music can all be easily combined to make a story, right here on our site. You can go to our new STUDIO page and make your own.

Check our some of the wacky Zeegas made in about 10 minutes by people who came to The Kitchen Sisters’ Making Of.. a Zeega Launch Party at SoundCloud. The assignment was to quickly select an animated .gif from tumblr, add a random piece of music from SoundCloud, and give it a title. Try it. And don’t forget to publish it and tag it with makingofaudiogif.

Make Your Own Zeega 18 January,2013The Kitchen Sisters

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