The United States has long been a destination for immigrants seeking a better life. Yet, newcomers haven’t always been welcomed with open arms.

Throughout the nation’s history, immigrants have consistently been blamed for societal problems, commonly viewed with suspicion and fear and accused of lowering the quality of life for established residents.

It’s an issue playing out in the 2016 presidential election, with calls from Republican candidate Donald Trump to deport large numbers of undocumented residents, build a border wall and crack down on Muslim communities.

As comic journalist Andy Warner explains, the current anti-immigrant rhetoric follows a long tradition of nativist sentiment in America.

Click below to view as a slideshow, or download the full version here.

Fear of Foreigners: A Cartoon History of Nativism in America 28 February,2017Andy Warner

  • whatgives?

    My tax dollars at work, to demonize Americans who don’t agree with unchecked immigration. Wow, just wow.

    • JJ the Irredeemable


      Want to make a difference? Okay, here’s what to do (what I’m doing) instead of just posting here:

      Fill out and file IRS Form 13909.
      Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form

      The tax-exempt organization is KQED, Inc.
      Their EIN number is 94-1241309

      Address of KQED:
      2601 Mariposa Street
      San Francisco, CA 94110-1400

      Andy Warner wrote the article.

      Check the box under Item 3. that says:
      Organization is involved in a political campaign

      Link to or attach a photo of the cartoon. Supporting documentation is allowed.

      Check the box that says “I am concerned that I might face retaliation…”

      • L P

        Thank you!

      • bicentennialguy

        Thanks. Doing it too.

      • JJ the Irredeemable

        FYI – The form CAN BE E-MAILED.

      • Thisoldspouse

        Your complaint will fall on deaf ears. Ask Lois Learner.

    • Mavrik

      Agreed. Someone like this Andy Warner would get destroyed in an actual real, mature conversation (if he’s capable of one). Facts don’t matter. For one, this is propaganda, so Andy falls into the category of being a hypocrite. Why? Well why isn’t he saying anything about Mexico and their “nativism”? Mexico just announced they are building a southern border wall with Guatemala. What? No cute drawings on that? Why doesn’t Andy look at Mexico’s constitution? If he did, he would see that illegal immigrants there are swiftly removed from the country, with force. Illegal immigrants have zero rights. They cannot speak publicly about politics or have any kind of “free speech” rights. So why aren’t we hearing anything about that or seeing any cartoons? BECAUSE IT DOESN’T FIT A NARRATIVE. Those supporting the narrative? PROPAGANDA.

      We here are all PRO-American. We want immigrant who choose to come to America to be AMERICANS. We do not want Mexicans who wish to come here and be Mexicans just here in America. We don’t want Mexicans sending money back to support Mexico’s economy. And Mexico is just an example, this applies to every other country where people immigrate from. Japan doesn’t tolerate this. They understand that if you immigrate to Japan you do so to be JAPANESE!!!

      Bring logic to any of these discussions and you will destroy them and expose them for the hypocrites that they are. This is propaganda, plain and simple.

  • OrwellsNight

    Defund NPR!
    Brainwashing children into anti American Leftist ideology should not be paid for by taxpayers.

  • L P

    Another letter to the principal to make sure my kids are not exposed to this liberal biased so called “News”. Completely one sided just like News ELA . If you have kids be worried and do something. The indoctrination is happening right now.

  • Loonatic Fringe

    This is truly disgusting anti-American propaganda. As usual, NPR equates concerns about unchecked, non-vetted immigration with bigotry. Apparently the idea of being pro-immigration and anti- illegal immigration is too complex for the people here.

  • Toby

    “When the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1942…”

    Um, nice research there Andy. Try December 7, 1941.

    This whole cartoon is a joke.

    “Being overrun by the 3rd world is good!”

  • nikki

    This is just sick, sad my parents just had to check my homework, now my husband and I have to read their text books. I hope they are teaching these kids too that all the white kids they are brainwashing to hate America are the same ones their liberal agenda hurts the most, and if they have their way there will be no room for them at the Universities, or in the job market.

  • Trump is going to be an awesome President!

  • Obviously Anonymously


    Weren’t Southern Democrats who didn’t like Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s freeing of the sa laves responsible for the rise of the Kay Kay Kay and the abuse / killing of people of color (and, as the book correctly points out, Italians)?
    Wasn’t FDR – the President who ordered Japanese into internment camps – a Democrat?
    Wasn’t it FDR – a Democrat President – who refused to raise the 30,000 max limit on Jewish immigrants from Europe despite knowing about the atrocities being practiced on them by the Germans?
    Wasn’t it President Harry Truman – a Democrat – responsible for issuing an Executive Order shortly after WWII demanding a loyalty test of all Germans entering the United States?
    Wasn’t it the Democrat Congress – and, primarily Southern Democrats like Strom Thurmond – who voted down Republican President Dwight Eisenhower’s Civil Rights Act of 1957?
    Wasn’t West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd – a Democrat – also an “Exalted cyclops” of the Kay Kay Kay who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

    Seems like the comic book needs a few more cartoon panels… don’t just do it, do it for the children! 😉

    • Ben Wasserman

      Yeah you seem to forget that Democrats and Republicans switched policies with one another following the Civil Rights Act after presidents like Johnson developed policies more akin to that of former Republicans. I mean, back then the Republicans wanted more government influence in the country and the Democrats wanted less government influence.

      Not my fault we took over the Republican’s liberal policies. You guys walked out on us

  • disqus_PZE8kohZ46

    NPR has fallen off the cliff on this one. #enough.

  • JJ the Irredeemable

    This is illegal.
    Want to make a difference? Okay, here’s what to do (what I’m doing) instead of just posting here:

    Fill out and file IRS Form 13909.
    Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form

    The tax-exempt organization is KQED, Inc.
    Their EIN number is 94-1241309

    Address of KQED:
    2601 Mariposa Street
    San Francisco, CA 94110-1400

    Andy Warner wrote the article.

    Check the box under Item 3. that says:
    Organization is involved in a political campaign

    Link to or attach a photo of the cartoon. Supporting documentation is allowed.

    Check the box that says “I am concerned that I might face retaliation…”

    • Obviously Anonymously

      Here’s the proper link:

      Really don’t think the IRS will do anything to stop “National Propaganda Radio” no matter how many complaints they receive… probably too busy targeting conservative groups, and pro-life nuns, LOL!

      • JJ the Irredeemable

        Thanks for updating the link. Not sure what happened to mine.

        I agree. Not much will be done now, but there will be a filing (perhaps a few dozen now) for the record.

    • bicentennialguy

      Already done and faxed over. If they don’t do anything, oh, well. I did what I could.

      • Thisoldspouse

        Hopefully, the mere process of investigation will be onerous enough to give them pause. Leftists need to know they are being watched and reported.

  • mike5586

    NPR needs its funding cut completely. Time to get a real job, Andy.

  • dudeabide69

    Tax dollars used to promote liberal agenda. Those responsible need to be fired.

  • The Deplorable Uncle Monkey

    This is why Public Television and Radio need to lose funding. They’re come from an era of 3 networks and rabbit ears. We now have satellites and cable and a choice of thousands of possibilities. An obsolete entity pumping out endless begathons and propaganda. I’ve been mad at KQED since the 70’s, nothing but broken promises.

    Let them duke it out in the private sector to find sponsorship. If they really serve such a valuable service they will survive just fine.

  • Tim

    How about you print a comic about the millions Hillary and Bill stole from the Haitians. How she wants to disarm law abiding citizens, her rabid support of baby killing (abortion) and her proven record of socialist/communist policies. Her continued lying in regard to classified information she sent over her private server. How she takes millions in donations from Wall St. while condemning them. How she is anti-women for covering up all of Bill’s sexual assaults?

    Yeah, I know. It’s never gonna happen. And that’s why most Americans cannot stand the sight of liberals.

  • Jay Canis

    This is pure establishment propaganda. Once again our government is attacking a citizen for thought crime. Once again the establishment is trying to sic the lynch mob on a fellow citizen.

    Parasitic brainwashers is more accurate. This cartoon is the product of a worthless filthy animal incapable of producing anything of merit, incapable of competing or thriving.

    The people who spew this garbage are only able to do so because they feed off the public dole: grants, funds, and “contributions,” OH MY!

    There is no market for this. No one wants this stuff. No one benefits from it. It exists solely because our corrupt establishment produces it to HARM our children, to break their spirits, to train them to the harness like they are beasts of burden.

    This comic is simply evil. Its purpose is to teach our children to fear bucking the system, training them to harness.

  • Wait, so Nativism is a bad thing? Nothing like importing millions of racist Mexicans who prefer their own flag over the American flag. Well on their way to assimilation I’m sure.

    • SriyaG_NTCH

      Even though america is more welcoming than before it still might be hard for some immigrants to move to america with the stereotypes going on. For example, “Donald Trump’s call for a travel ban on Muslims is well known.” This shows how hard it might be for some people to move because of stereotyping their race. This proves that even though america has more diversity it might be hard for some people to move with all the stereotypes that people have been believing.

  • 11Plunkett

    These Globalists are crazier than I thought…Wow!…Did they not follow #BREXIT…Elitist that live in gated communities, have armed not live near ILLEGAL LIENS, send their kids to private schools…telling our kids how they should live….NPR…do a comic about The Remembrance Project…ILLEGAL ALIENS raping young girls and old women…ILLEGAL ALIENS killing Americans….ILLEGAL ALIENS bring in drugs….JUST REMEMBER YOU SERFS (OR DEPLORABLES AS HILLARY CALLS YOU) Nov 8th VOTE TRUMP/PENCE…IT IS OUR 2ND INDEPENCE DAY!…AND FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINT THIS STATION, AFTER ALL, THEY USED OUR TAX DOLLARS FOR THEIR PROPAGANDA.

  • God is love, islam is hate

    Good job KQED. Now, when America is finally overrun by illegals, ‘refugees’, and immigrants who can’t find work, line up for handouts, and vote democrat, you can look back at your work here and think ‘I did my part.’ America, the great democratic experiment, is gone, and I helped.” Enjoy the future, run by dictatorships, all of the freedoms we have enjoyed for over 200 years will be GONE.

  • Scotty

    Those other groups came to the US because of a lack of freedom in their home countries. That’s why they learned English and assimilated. It’s why they were so successful. What oppression are the Mexican immigrants running from? They have a democratic country and just choose a terrible form of government. They aren’t running from true oppression, thus they do not feel the need to assimilate. In parts of the country there are second generation Hispanic immigrants who haven’t learned English. This generation of immigrants will not succeed as past generations did.

  • DrDean

    Politicking much KQED? Seriously, you are feeding children pro-Leftist, anti-American propaganda with no semblance of balance, no rational context, and no consideration for the increasingly harsh realities of *purposefully* out-of-control immigration.

    You don’t mention that America is supposed to be a nation of laws; and that our leaders have, will malice aforethought, ignored the very immigration laws they *swore* to uphold in order to flood the nation with immigrants, legal and not. It is not coincidence that the decline of the American middle-classes coincides with the historically massive growth of the vast American underclass comprised mostly of immigrants and minorities that the Left controls for their votes and their use as tools in overwhelming the American society and culture.

    If immigration laws mean nothing, they neither does any other law; and so too, the fundamental cultural principles that made us a nation of self-governing, independent People erode and cease to exist. And into the resulting vacuum of moral and functional society will step fundamentally-transformed government. All powerful, all-controlling government that is by definition then, totalitarian and fascist.

    So KQED, I would say be careful what you ask for as you might get it… But sadly I think we are already too far gone down the path you and yours have forced us onto with your cold anti-Americanism and self-righteous globalism.

    Oh, and History to pathetic KQED: The Japanese attacked America on December 7, 1941 – not 1942 as your pathetic “comic book” says.

  • Anneke9

    Thanks KQED. Instead making my yearly pledge, I’ll be donating it elsewhere.

  • Yosemitesam

    This is horrible. Not going to be donating to KQED any longer.

  • Julia Petronila-La Deplorable

    As a DEPLORABLE Hispanic woman I find this propaganda disgusting. America is for Americans, legal Americans of any race, color, religion, or heritage. Being for LEGAL immigration doesn’t make you ANTI-immigration or a “nativist.”

    I guess the LEFT media is all for accepting LAWLESSNESS. So they forgive ILLEGAL activities! Despicable.

    (And refugees are not welcome because we have a 30-TRILLION DEBT and can’t afford to take proper care of our vets and poor communities. We should not feed refugees with taxpayer money when we can’t take care of Americans.)

  • Johnny Argon

    you can also send an Email to the President of this Hillary Slurping POS tax Exempt station

  • Caterina

    Stilted work from a bigoted media outlet.
    Sourcing your cartoon book from Prog writers does not make for truth telling.
    What a pack of clowns.
    Defund all NPR outlets NOW, for their anti-American bigotry.

  • firedup49

    My tax dollars supporting the undocumented truthfully means ILLEGAL

    If I steal money from a bank, can I say it was an undocumented withdrawal?

    a doctor if they don’t papers to prove it, just call it undocumented doctor

  • Anita Gummer

    Well you’ve made a pretty good case, leaving out that all of those anti-Immigrant and anti-semitic racist bigots were exclusively and vehemently Democrats.
    American history demonstrates that immigration to the US was controlled by rules and laws, even back to beginning, as Ben Franklin foreshadowed in your comic. All the American people want is for the law to be followed, principally by the constitutional executor of our laws, the president.
    Separation of powers has been undermined and Americans are fed up with being told that 70-80% of us are wrong. Don’t want unfettered unlawful immigration? It’s rammed down our throats. Don’t want socialized medicine? It’s rammed down our throats. Don’t want a deal with the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism? It’s rammed down our throats.
    All the while our president is cruising around on our nickel, chastising the American people in front of despots and totalitarians worldwide.
    Donald Trump is surely not the answer, but it seems he is the vessel onto which hope and change is projected.
    I wonder where he got that idea from?

  • tr99tr

    As a foreign born “brown” woman (Leftists’ term for me, NEVER my own) who came here LEGALLY to escape corrupt gov thuggocracy, I am outraged that an entity purporting to be PUBLIC, funded by PUBLIC TAX DOLLARS, can operate as a sleazy, corrupted, one-sided, station, and churn out such shamefully ugly, one-sided, propaganda pieces, reminiscent of the best of propaganda “comic” books and posters in my native totalitarian land of birth. I am OUTRAGED AND DISGUSTED by your corrupt operation. How is this PUBLIC station able to get away with all of this leftist chicanery? It must stop NOW. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We’ll force you to stop or take tax dollars away from you if you don’t become non-propagandist, objective, unbiased, operation like you ought to be. We don’t live in a Fascist State in America yet.

  • Goranson

    I guess NPR just forgot to mention that mass migration depresses the wages of the native poor and increases the profits of the native CEOs, calling working class Americans racist was more important.


  • Doug Desper

    So… when Bill Clinton said nearly 100% of what Trump said about immigration back in the 90s it’s not included in this “cartoon”? Liberals are such fakes. How this stab at partisanship can get a pass no one knows. What act of dishonesty is this? Take the Syrian “refugees”. Syria can’t vouch for who these people are — so how can our government? Hey NPR subscribers: how about volunteering to house some of those perfectly healthy unaccompanied young males that are mixed in with the real refugees? You know, the ones that ISIS promised to infiltrate among the refugees? If you won’t do that then don’t stick them into somebody else’s neighborhood. Or does that make too much sense? Look at our southern border. No one can even fathom the uncontrolled wash that is coming across into the communities in the south. Mexico is more than glad to NOT make jobs for its citizens, push them off on us, and have those same immigrants wire all of their income back home to Mexico. Who is THAT good for? Mexico only. That hurts our country….or does THAT make too much sense to understand as well? Controlled immigration and secure borders are not racist. It is called common sense.

  • VonFisch

    We issue over 1 million green cards a year, legal immigration. We do have a war on terror. Stop with the B.S. propaganda. This has been an issue for years.

  • Farfel

    I believe Mr. Trump has never denigrated immigrants to this country; he has stated some negative things about Illegally Resident Foreigners! But that’s okay, the way the Democrats have set voter registration up, these Illegally Resident Foreigners will illegally vote for Hillary, if she is still alive. Is that what your phony comic is trying to hide??

  • Farfel

    I would love to see all the Illegally Resident Foreigners whom this guy loves so much take over Twin Peaks or Russian Hill or any of the mansion neighborhoods. It’s important that they stay in Oakland, South Bay, and Mission Bay. “Soy ilegal y yo voto!!!”

  • OhSoRight

    This is exactly why reasonable people want the federal government to defund NPR.

  • Shark_FL

    Trump will un-fund NPR in year one. That is one of many reasons why over 75 million people will vote for him on November 8th.


  • Lisa Chang

    The more I listen to and watch these new liberals, the more I am convinced that the modern liberal ideology is based on lies and the future hope to execute all those opposed to their dream of totalitarian control. This new breed of progressive liberal socialist is sad, dangerous and frightening? The founders and followers of the new modern progressive socialist liberal and ideology from the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Sean Penn, Bill Maher are disgusting, subhuman, deadly. These duplicitous criminals are the future killers, murders, jailers’, dictators, fascist, tyrants, and despots:

    They have openly called for genocide, death, jailings, and punishment for those who disagree with them. Their supporters in the media and entertainment industry are just like the SS: Blindly following in the racism and bigotry of the new liberal socialist party. Come on! Who were the people spitting on other humans they disagree with, Who were the people throwing eggs at innocent people exercising their free speech, Who were the ones getting violent, rioting, and burning cities. These are all the new socialists SS followers. If they ever gain more power, millions will die. These new liberal progressive socialists are closet slave traders, racists, bigots, rapist, drug addicts, and terrorist sympathizers. They are exactly the opposite of their proclamations for love, compassion, and tolerance. This new evil is amazing.

    And where are the intelligent minority groups? Do they even exist? They are the most successful slave vendors to ever live. And the black leader like Obama being the worst offenders of all. They would be some of the 10,000 to 20,000 black slave owners that no one ever talks about. Selling out anyone for their. The liberal media “IS” the new modern progressive socialist liberal ideology. It is made up of criminals that started slavery, kill for slavery, create the democratic party to protect it, invent the Ku Klux Klan, fight against civil rights, murder thousands of Americans, destroy millions of families, create millions of government dependents, commit genocide on hundreds of millions of humans worldwide, and still can raise millions more people who commit self-slavery, poverty, and some form of self-imposed ignorance. Simply by lying. It truly is amazing how stupid liberals are.

    It is nearing the time when human beings will have to join together to eliminate these subhuman creatures we know as liberals. These moldy diseased parasites are the Idi Amin Dada of the 21st century. If they ever do gain full control, they will begin the destruction of all evidence of their lies, and commit mass executions of anyone who dares to question their love and compassion as they build bridges with the rotting skulls of millions of beheaded dissenters.

  • So where is the part about illegal immigration?

  • Pat Carroll

    Dear PBS: YOU ARE ENGAGING IN pure unadultered PROPAGANDA! TEACH THIS instead: IRS Immigration Terms and Definitions Involving Aliens:

    An individual who is not a U.S. citizen or U.S. national.

    An alien who has been granted the right by the USCIS to reside permanently in the United States and to work without restrictions in the United States.


  • Daking Fisher

    The comic book has misunderestimated the reasons for the opposition to Muslims. It isn’t based on nativism as much as it is on self preservation.

    How can the one million new Syrian and other war refugees which Hillary Clinton is planning to import to the USA possibly threaten our existence such that the self preservation urge is a reasonable response?

    Because every practicing Muslim does the religiously obligated Jihad, and that means every practicing Muslim is a Jihadist, by definition.

    There are five different forms that Jihad takes, only one of them is violent. But ALL Jihad is ultimately to help the progress of Islam.

    Toward what?

    Toward the establishment of a Global Caliphate where every man, woman and child on Earth is ruled by Sharia law.

    And every non Muslim is destined for elimination by one of three methods.

    1. Conversion to Islam.
    2. Accept captivity in a Sharia ruled land and to pay a steep Jizya tax to help fund the caliphate and to help the non Muslim, or Kafir, to feel himself subdued.
    3. Death by the sword, so to speak.

    But how do the nice Muslims threaten our self preservation?

    They may not, immediately. But as we all know, a significant number of avowed terrorists and Mujahid are slipping in with the beleaguered families and children refugees. And with these numbers of sleeper terrorists, (all of them hardened by Middle East combat experience) hiding among the “moderate” Muslims and only emerging from the shadows when they execute their act of martyrdom or istishhad, Kafirs everywhere will experience the feeling that their lives have suddenly taken a turn for the worse and that care free living will be a thing of the past.

    Like in the Thomas Crown Affair remake, in the scene where they are about to catch Mr. Crown, and he unleashes dozens of clones of his, all dressed alike in bowlers and top coats, and then the thought occurs…with so many Muslims among us, we will never know whom to trust. We will never be completely certain that the nice Muslim we work with won’t, one day, wear a vest to work for the last time.

    But that is only part of the story.

    Do you know that non violent Jihad, the other four forms of Jihad besides the Jihad of the sword, is far more effective in accomplishing Islamization where it has been used in occupying and then taking control of a non Muslim land than terrorism? Think of the Egyptian election of President Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist organization, IINM). It was accomplished largely by use of non violent methods. So, the reality is that if all Muslims are required to perform Jihad and only a few are intent right now to become martyrs, what are the other nice Muslims doing?

    Non violent Jihad.

    And there are radical Jihadists walking the halls of the Capitol as you read this. But we have been fooled by the clever Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR and other operatives into continuing to believe that Islam poses no threat to US. And that is just not true. Check the Koran. The last half of the Prophet Mohammed’s life was the role model for ISIS today. He was a terrorist. And because He ordered all Muslim males to follow His example, He would likely be proud to say He was a terrorist. But that is for another discussion.

    Finally, the American Thinker magazine (online) article titled, “The Five Stages of Islam” outlines the way that Islamic conquest of a non Muslim country takes place. Basically, there is tranquility and peace between Muslims and Kafir populations until the Muslims no longer need to be on their best behaviors. Once they have sufficient strength in numbers their aggression rises and the irritation begins to mount in the native kafir culture. This is when violence begins and it is all very predictable and documented in the American Thinker article.

    Every Muslim in America is afforded the rights of political representation if their numbers reach a certain level.

    When Muslims concentrate in their communities and non Muslims flee the Muslims will likely demand their own political representation, locally, regionally then state wide and finally in Congress and the Senate.

    We all know that all Muslims are to help the progression of Islam and as their individual and their community power increases they will eventually sue for laws that are favorable to them. In some areas of the United States Sharia Courts handle Islamic legal cases right now.

    And so, the child and the mother and the nice Muslim father each counts toward increasing their political power and the establishment of Muslim neighborhoods and the long term goal of conquest inches forward. And there will be no immediate threats beyond the occasional bombing or shooting here and there. But we will no longer feel safe in our own towns or communities.

    And the lonely soon to be terrorist is able to feel comforted by being around his fellow Muslims and they shield him from scrutiny and provide him a support network. And because they are all Jihadists and the Koran warns them not to stand in the way of a Shahid or a Mujahid doing their religious duty, there will be little chance that the law enforcement authorities would discover him before he took his stairway to heaven.

    And finally, some of the terrorists we see were recently “moderates!” So what happened?

    There is a phenomenon called, “Suddenly Jihadist.” It uses the word Jihadist innacurately, but whatever.

    Consider the elder Boston Bomber brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev. He was an amateur boxer and was a likable guy as far as I know, but one day he chose to get serious about his religious study and then it is like a new zeal filled him.

    He knew that he had to follow the example and the instructions of the Prophet.

    You all know the story of The Boston Marathon bombing.

    Just a regular guy.

    You never know.

    But one thing I DO know, Islam wants to eliminate every man, woman and child, every Christian, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Atheist, Buddhist…EVERY ONE WHO IS NOT A MUSLIM.

    And some Muslims want to do it as soon as possible.

    And some are quite patient and are willing to allow the Islamization to take root in a very gradual progression.

    Turkey was once an ALL Christian nation. 900 years it took to become 90%+/- Muslim as it is today.

    Bottom line, each Muslim in the United States above the 2% level (The Five Stages of Islam) increases the likelihood that violence and other toxic Muslim byproducts will begin to engulf us.

    Gradually, gradually, like the frog sitting in a pan of lukewarm water on a stove will adjust to the rising temperature of the water until it has slowly boiled the frog alive. We are sitting in the pan and the water temperature is rising.

    Muslims are only nice to us because of their personal feelings, real or feigned. The Koran allows and encourages Muslims to treat Kafirs terribly. Far worse than second class citizens. See, it isn’t as much about this Muslim being nice and that one being a terrorist. It is more about Islam says we all are targeted for elimination of one kind or another.

    And to sit idly by and not even learn the truth about Islam and then to create a comic book lesson plan to oppose Donald Trump, the ONLY public figure willing to lead the way to try and stop the threat of Islamization and the woes experienced by the Europeans (anyone hear about the rapes in Europe by Muslims??

    No, it isn’t ALL of them that cause problems. But it COULD be the next one you see, Or the one after that. And once we reach that point life in the United States will NEVER be as nice as the pleasant times in history you have once known. We will never regain our country if we lose it. They are certainly going to prevent our doing so.

    Ask the military victims of Green on Blue attacks in Afghanistan or Iraq. They thought the native allies were trustworthy.

    We can’t continue on this path.

    Bans on Muslims is the nicest thing we can do until we have a better way of vetting those who want to come here.

    And hopefully it will be that those who want to come here actually want to LOVE AMERICA AND AMERICANS and to become one themselves.

    But, remember, one day they might get serious about their religion.


  • Anachronda

    Not sure why nativist Know-Nothings would be using Cyrillic letters on their flag instead of good ol’ American capital Ns.

  • First Last

    Why on earth would you leave your kids in schools that teach this dreck?

  • 1Pommom

    Will NEVER EVER WATCH or CONTRIBUTE a penny to PBS again! HOW DARE YOU!!! SLEEZE – PRUE SLEEZE!!!! Following instructions noted by JJ the Irredeemable! DISGUSTING!

  • tjking

    I find it funny that pretty much all the American political figures mentioned in this comic strip are Republican, but each “horrific” program and event is basically a list of Democrat Party Greatest hits. The know nothings backed Dems in 1852 & 56. The Anti Chinese movement was started by Denis Kearney in San Francisco a Democrat. He was opposed by the GOP and he was allied with the KKK, which also is included in this comic and is universally accepted to have been the para-military wing of the Democrat Party for over a century and for what its worth, Grand Dragon of the Klan endorsed Hillary Clinton and the KKK has donated tens of thousands of dollars to her campaign.. The remarks about Democrat Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh supporting America First (Also supported by the Kennedy Clan) left out the fact that until just months before Pearl Harbor, much of its members were Socialists. Its ironic that Hoovers name is mentioned regarding deporting Mexicans during the Depression but not FDR. Most of the details of that story revolve around Southern California as it was inundated with Dust Bowl refugees and actually closed its border to other states, but the leader of the movement was the KKK Democrat Mayor of LA and FDR continued his policies, along with Japanese intenrment. This is a very misleading “History” Lesson. This is state funded political propagnda in support of a single political party and should be viewed as campaign spending which makes it illegal. And the fact it is directed at innocent children makes it not only illegal, but immoral. But what do you expect from the Party of Jim Crow, the confederacy and the Klan.

  • Kurt thialfad

    Americans first. Makes sense to me.

  • TheTexasPaul .

    I see what you did there!
    You named Republicans, Trump, Hoover, Lindberg and Ben Franklin, associating them, out of context, with Nativism. Then listed the KKK, Japanese internment camps, antisemitism etc. without naming the evil Democrats and Progressives associated with those policies, thereby smearing just the right with all sins.

    You call that “education”? The rest of us call it left wing indoctrination!

  • Congratulations.

    As this will no doubt circulate through social media, you have now gained tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of new public broadcasting opponents.

    Well done!

    (slow clap).

  • Bakunin’sBeard

    Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was taught to embrace
    diversity, to respect others, and not to be prejudiced towards anyone.
    In short, not to judge others on the accidents of their identity, but
    value them as fellow human beings.

    Aside from this ethos, my
    education was admittedly very poor. Particularly detrimental was the
    poor quality of my history education in Bay Area schools. I received no
    education on world history, and not even a thorough education on
    American history. What I received was a fragmented explanation of the
    history of slavery, and the genocide of Native Americans.

    is, the little history that I did receive was based on the general ethos
    that I was being taught. But it offered a distorted picture of history,
    that did not present historical figures their perspectives and their
    actions as political struggles, but as struggles between good and evil.

    education not only afforded me an impoverished understanding of
    history, but gave me no context for interpreting some of my own
    experiences. For instance throughout my life, as a white male growing up
    in a predominantly black and Latino community, I was often victim to
    racially motivated violence. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I
    realized that I have been a victim of racism. That simply was not part
    of the narrative that I was raised with.

    I think that like my
    education growing up, you are attempting to impart children with an
    ethos, which is probably a good ethos. But you have simplified this
    history, you are lying by omission, and you have dehumanized historical
    political struggles, depicting them as moral conflicts.

    This does a disservice to young people, for it begrudges them a full historical education.

    In the service of good values, you are doing harm. And I find that wrong.

  • Atlas_Shrugged

    Oh go f#ck yourselves.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    More tax dollars watsted on the indoctrination of the youth.
    The only way you can convince that your political system work is by brainwashing them from a young age.
    Sneaking into the country or overstaying your visa is CRIME. This is not ever debatable.

  • Gene Wheeler

    I’ve never been a Trump supporter and I won’t be voting for him in November…BUT KQED’s BLATANT propagandizing on behalf of a partisan political agenda is inappropriate and wrong. It’s also really DUMB. After a decade as a supporter, I stopped giving to NPR/PBS five years ago and it’s unlikely that they will ever *voluntarily* get another dime from me. The money I *involuntarily* contribute through taxes I can do nothing about…for now.

  • Interesting

    This Un-American hogwash is outrageous! KQED News should be shut down. Thank you to JJ the Irredeemable, I am going to follow your advice.

  • The American left had (and still has) no problem stomping all over immigrants from European nations. They only have a problem when the numbers coming from nations that aren’t “white” are going to be handled in a much more intelligent manner and made to follow the laws of this nation. Laws that people from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, Russia (and surrounding regions) are commanded to follow.

    If whites from all across Europe began pouring in tomorrow, the American left would immediately suspend all immigration from those nations, indefinitely. This is about hate, the left’s hatred and intolerance.

  • Ben Wasserman

    So how about the Republicans find a way to LEGALIZE the illegal immigrants into citizens of our country rather than make speeches on how you should kick them all out. It’s not going to change our economy if that’s what you’re worried about, so stop using them as our scapegoat of the decade…

  • Logan S.

    Immigrants are less welcome today by far. In today’s society we are lacking security, instability, and job growth. Immigrants come from various places around the world wanting to come and live out their American dream. America, as a whole, is more tolerant to immigrants who come to America legally. It is the illegal immigrants who create a bad name for anyone wanting to even visit America. Donald trump stated, “I’m calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Since terrorist attacks are occurring more frequently, people such as Trump are trying to help prevent possible attacks on our home soil. Immigration has been a heated topic since the 1850’s, Germans and Irish, expanding all the way to present day with Muslims and Mexicans. It is up to us to determine who should be allowed to come to the United States.

  • Rachels20577

    Anyone who comes to America, to legally become an American should for the most part be welcome to do so. Immigration within todays society are turned down, because America fears for instability and security. Immigrants who come to America with hopes of starting new and living the American dream should be able to do so, as long as their intentions are pure. #vvmsgov #donownativism

  • Victro La

    Hillary wanted open borders as do most of the Democrats. Likewise they want to “spider” the city-based congressional districts to “capture” outlying areas and nullify their votes. Plus they want to load the suburbs up with Section-8 housing and have the suburbanites import and pay for inner city denizens in their midst. All this without asking. No Mas!

  • skamui

    Tell that to Asians. We still get treated like crap in America. Integration? No, reverse colonisation.


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