Voting rights activists had cause for celebration last week after federal courts struck down strict new voting requirements in several major states.

The separate rulings, which come just a few months before the presidential election, reverse strict voter restrictions in Texas, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

The state laws were enacted almost immediately after a 2013 Supreme Court decision overturning a key part of the landmark Voting Rights Act.

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Comic journalist Andy Warner explains, in three illustrated parts, the history of the Voting Rights Act, what the Supreme Court’s recent decision did and what the state of voting looked like, up until the most recent court decisions. Click on the images below to view as a slideshow, or read the comics in their entirety.

(Click images below to view as a slideshow)

Download the complete illustration.

(Click images below to view as a slideshow)

Download complete illustration.

Download complete illustration.

Ballot Battles: A Cartoon History of Voting Rights (with Lesson Plan) 8 November,2016Andy Warner


Andy Warner

SelfPortraitAndy Warner’s comic journalism has been published by Symbolia, Slate,, American Public Media, Campus Progress and more. You can see more of his work at:

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