Featured Resource: A Border Wall of Piñatas Brings a Community Together (KQED Arts) 
A collective of artists, makers, and community members pitched in to assemble Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik’s wall of piñatas, a response to Donald Trump’s proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico.

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Artists Respond to the First 100 Days

In January, KQED Arts launched a series highlighting creative responses to various election issues and the Trump Administration’s policies towards them. “100 Days of Art” captures the responses of artists and activists in the Bay Area and beyond.

In “Flowers for Immigration”, artist Lizania Cruz photographed flower arrangements by Mexican women and asked them to share their thoughts on President Trump.

"Flowers for Immigration," a photo series created and curated by designer Liziana Cruz captures floral arrangements created by the men and women working in bodegas cross New York city.Lenny Letter and Lizania Cuz
“Flowers for Immigration,” a photo series created and curated by designer Liziana Cruz captures floral arrangements created by the men and women working in bodegas cross New York city.

In what was intended to be a month-long series, “30 Days, 30 Songs” producers curated a playlist of 30 songs reflecting the times. “The playlist will feature original tracks, unreleased live versions, remixes, covers, and previously released but relevant songs that will inspire and amuse and channel the outrage of a nation,” says the producers. The project has now extended the playlist to include 1,000 songs.

Last week’s Do Now asked what issue you would follow during President Trump’s first 100 days in office. What is a creative way to express your position on an issue or policy that you care about?

Create a visual, audio, or multimedia piece that reflects your stance.

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  • Tt

    I plan on following Trump’s decisions on women’s rights, especially those pertaining to the policies that affect roe v. wade, the ban on international organizations that “promote” abortions, that has been reenacted under Trump, (after being originally implemented by Bush and removed by Obama), his push to appoint supreme court judges that are pro-life, and the possible defunding of Planned Parenthood. These are issues that really effect me as a women and my right to make choices about my own body. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Carly Campbell

    I Plan to follow trump in his persuit to over turn roe v. wade and get rid of abortion rights for women. In my opinion, it is absolutely unconstitutional for someone to tell you what to do with your own body, especially a man. Being pro choice doesn’t mean youre pro abortion, it means believing in the right for a woman to choose. Not everyone is capable of taking care of a baby, nor are they in the right circumstance. I hope that Trump can’t overturn Roe v. Wade because it would allow for much neglect when it comes to parenthood, and did I forget to mention more people would be on wellfare. #donowfirst100days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Eric Ascencio

    I plan on following what Trump plans to do about plan parenthood in the first 100 days in office. During his campaign he said a lot of things i agree with and he also said a lot of things i disagree with. The funding of plan parenthood is a very controversial subject in America right now and I think it will be interesting to see what he decides to do with it. Abortion is also a very touchy subject right now. I believe a women should have the right to do as she pleases with her body. Many people say it is murder and things like that but many people in this country are not suitable to be parents because they can barely take care of themselves. Many people get pregnant unwillingly and end up living in poverty. So many of these mothers are left to raise children alone and live on welfare. I think pro choice is the best option for our country and if Trump takes it abortion away it could be a bad thing for all of us. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/about-us/who-we-are #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Ciana Bell

    During the remainder of the first 100 days, I plan on following President Trump’s plans with regards to Roe v. Wade, furthermore, his plans to end abortion rights. The reason that I have chosen to follow this is because I feel that the right to an abortion, and the right to choose what is best for our body is our choice, and the government should not interfere. Placing a ban on abortion is setting a number of individuals up for failure and putting them in situations that they cannot handle on their own. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Michael Thompson

    I will be following the health care revamp diligently. Just like all of the other policies, Trump’s is going to be the best by virtue of it being his; no detailed strategy is necessary. For those of us who prefer specifics over just winging it, the gutting of the Affordable Care Act is especially troubling. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have confidence in a man whose words are littered with so many half-truths and outright lies. I have a pre-existing condition that prior to the Affordable Care Act was one of the diseases that insurance companies were notorious for avoiding. I am also a college student, which translates to not having much money. Trump dismantling the health care system and replacing it with savings accounts doesn’t help people in my situation (and there are many of us). Speaking for myself, the medication that my condition requires costs $3471/month. There is no amount of saving that I can do to cover that expense. A great article by the Atlantic articulates this concern,”When everyone pays for their own health care individually, they lose collective purchasing power and the pharmaceutical companies and hospital systems can charge whatever they want, offering care to only those who can afford high costs.” So please, Mr. President, don’t spare us the details. Some of us need peace of mind.
    #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

    Here is the link to the Atlantic article.

  • Kelsey Bridewell

    Art is an amazing outlet for so many people. This type of expression is so valuable in this day and age because it would be considered peaceful protesting. Many of the policies president Trump is trying to pass in the first 100 days are controversial to majorities across the nation. I believe if large groups of people continue to stand up for what they believe in and continue to protest the policies at hand someone or some group could make a difference. In this NY Times article (https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/21/opinion/the-art-of-the-protest.html?_r=0) it notes that normal everyday citizens have been able to change policy before, think back to the Civil Rights Movement. Artists like these in the featured video can make a change, and I hope that they do! I would be very curious to see the reaction of Chico State Students if the piñata wall went across our campus. #DoNow100Days #100DaysArt #MyCMSTArgs

    • Christiana Manzanares

      I agree with you Kelsey! Art is a great tool for self expression, and can be used in such a beautiful way to express how people truly feel. I think that artists coming together and showing how they feel about the election and Trump’s first 100 days really unites people. I agree with you that everyday people can make a change and make a difference if they work together and really go after what they believe is right. #DoNow100Days #100DaysArt #MyCMSTArgs

    • Brenda Elizalde

      I agree. Art is a very beautiful way and it is a way of self-expression. And because we have art, people come together and stand up for what he/she believes especially in times like these where we need each other more than ever.

  • joshua lewis

    Self expression through art while using ones own freedom of speech to make a case and point against an issue they feel very passionate about is exactly what the United States constitution encourages and protects. With regards to Trumps administration, and its recent decision to construct a wall along our southern border, has indeed created havoc amongst groups and sparked confusion in many parts the country. However, the United States federal government has a responsibility to its citizens to secure our borders like every other nation does because without borders a nation will not survive in the long run and will lose its identity. Charles Krauthammer in a Washington Post web news article (http://www.businessinsider.com/2…) wrote that for the past many years illigal immigration occurring on our southern border has been a near constant subject, but is clear that Trump has brought the debate to a whole new place. Moreover, all American citizens across our country must continue to fight for what they believe in, but also keep in mind that a secure border does not effect any legal citizen within the United States. A strong believer in freedom of speech so power to the piñata artists. #DoNow100Days #DoNow100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Kelsey Bridewell

      I agree with your point of view on this idea, Josh. I think its very important to protect our borders but the way our president has gone about dealing with this problem, is embarrassing. He is responsible for the horrific behavior of different groups towards one another. Power to these artist for expressing their feelings in a responsible and peaceful way. Art can open our minds to so many new ideas maybe Mr. Trump will see it this way. #MyCMSTArgs

    • Katrina Bjork

      I agree with you in regards to self expression through art and how it shows ones own freedom of speech. I also think it is important that our government does take protecting the United States seriously and that the border will do just that, but the way Trump goes about it might not be the right way. The statement at the end from the article stating that a secure border does not effect any legal citizen within the US is true and should be taken in consideration when speaking about this topic. #MyCMSTArgs

  • Christiana Manzanares

    These first 100 days of Trump’s presidency are such a tense and crucial time for America. He already is moving “forward” with lots of his plans and initiating new things such as withdrawing the affordable care act, building the Mexican border wall, deport illegal aliens,changing the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and ect. These reforms will change people’s way of life in a dramatic and unsettling way. For artists like Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik’ and Lizania Cuz expressing their identities and there thoughts and feelings through art is a powerful yet calming way to do so. With 100 Days of Art, artists have that way to really show how they are feeling through their work and show their responses to how they feel about the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. Other artists, and even community members came together to build this art exhibit and build a sense of community. In the article (https://ww2.kqed.org/arts/2016/11/02/instead-of-dividing-a-border-wall-of-pinatas-brings-a-community-together/) it goes over the background of Sita and how instead of diving the country, this border wall (pinats) actually brought people together. My response to the new administration’s stance on key issues is that they’re rushing into things.They aren’t taking the time to really weigh the pros and cons of every issue they are so quick to change and not thinking about the repercussions that these new actions will have on Americans. I believe that only negative things are going to come from such a rushed, fueled by hate plan that Trump has. I really do hope for the best and believe that people speaking their minds with ways like #100DaysArt, change will occur. #DoNow100Days

    • Zoe Atava

      I completely agree with the point you made how people responding in such artistic ways give them the ability to speak their minds, bring people together, and display community. Their community will unite them and help them bring each other up as Trump continues to make plans and potentially belittle their sense of worth. I, too, wish that Trumps administration is not thinking logically about all potential outcomes and critically thinking, as they should, on such important issues. #DoNow100Days #100DaysArt #MyCMSTArgs

  • Tt

    The new administration has a very conservative and radical stance on key issues. With the creation of a wall at the southern border, the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade, the dismantling of the affordable care act (Obamacare), and the creation and removal of the immigration ban, the Trump administration has created fear and distress within minority and female populations. We, as a country, need to use peaceful methods to establish a powerful movement to defend and protect these key issues that are up for major changes. This article by the New York Times did a great job discussing ways to do just that (https://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/11/21/opinion/the-art-of-the-protest.html?_r=0)&referer=https://disq.us/url?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nytimes.com%2F2016%2F11%2F21%2Fopinion%2Fthe-art-of-the-protest.html%3F_r%3D0%29%3A8foKV5OISmzQVPkcSuYXx22TUX8&cuid=2537479) #100DaysArt #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Melanie Funk

      I completely agree with your post. The administration has caused chaos with some of their outlandish viewpoints. Immigration has always been a key issue for our presidents, but the Trump administration has really taken it to an extreme. Rather than promoting togetherness, all they’ve done is try to divide us.

  • lakayla high school

    this act of peaceful expression sets a great example to everyone. this puts a smile on my face but also saddens me because trump could never do something like this. the fact that our president is willing to cause distress in his own country THAT HE IS MEANT TO LEAD and in other ally countries but also willing to go against the constitution is terrifying. so the fact that these creative,intelligent, caring, peaceful people are doing something like this ….it gives me hope ^~^

  • cheyenne Gonzalez

    i think this is a beautiful and respectful way to express oneself. i personally like the welcoming and inviting spirit of the community.

  • Melanie Funk

    I am very unhappy with the administration for voting in Devos as our head of the education department. This is a huge issue with their key stances because it seems like they do not value education, especially public education, by voting her in. She has no teaching experience and has never attended a public school herself. If the administration wanted to show they are serious about improving our education system, they should’ve picked someone with experience and also someone who “believes” in public education. This site (http://educationvotes.nea.org/2016/11/30/5-reasons-trump-pick-betsy-devos-wrong-secretary-education/) goes into further depth about why Devos was not a good choice for the administration.

    • Jonny Ballesteros

      I think the way they approached it was more powerful than your normal way of protesting. Making a point peacefully and symbolic.

    • Brigitte Dahrouj

      I appreciate and resonate with your frustrations concerning Devos. I am a person who hopes to devote their entire career to equity in education and completely agree that she will not make positive changes in education. However, what you neglect to mention is how we could use art as a response to this. How do you recommend we use art to respond to this frustration? While I have been protesting many of the decisions of the Trump administration as an artistic response, I have seen many comedic responses to Devos. I believe comedy is art and can send a political message. I just saw this tweet today that I thought was not only humorous, but conveyed exactly how ridiculous Devos is as a selection for Secretary of Education. https://scontent-lax3-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/16603045_1523617760985054_875166844012475441_n.jpg?oh=33e39ba7d9e8fcb3ba51ce98fdfd5934&oe=59394CF5

  • Katrina Bjork

    I felt like this idea these artists came up with was a great idea to express their feelings and the issues they have with Trump proposing a huge wall to be built on the border. These artists came together to use their skills to present to other people how they felt about the wall. This is somewhat an example of a peaceful protest against the wall, and they even let the community participate. In regards to the wall, although there are many issues that the wall can bring to the US and Mexico, it’s still our governments job to protect the people of the US. According to this Mercury News article, (http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/02/06/building-trumps-wall-6-things-to-know-about-the-u-s-mexico-border/) building a wall isn’t a new concept. Also the article states that only 1/3 of people in a questioned survey believe that Trump will actually fall through with building a wall. In the end, these artists portrayed a peaceful way of expressing their thoughts regarding the issue. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNow100Days

    • gen

      I agree I think it was a beautiful way to express their emotions while still keeping everything peaceful. It is definitely not easy trying to say how you feel sometimes without feeling judged but I felt like they were able to express their feelings in a positive way. I like the article you attached as well.

    • Kanako

      I am also impressed by this creative idea! Personally, I have an image that protesting is a little more aggressive, but in this way, people can express their emotions and fight against the current situation more peaceful. I also felt that people in the video seemed to enjoy the exhibition from the beginning to the end. It seems to be very difficult to keep balance between protecting our country and protecting the people in our country… #MyCMSTArgs #DoNow100Days #100DaysArt

  • Jonny Ballesteros

    Watching and reading about this made me very supportive and happy the way these artist decided to voice their own opinions and thoughts about Trumps idea to build a wall along the southern border. Personally, I agree keeping our borders safe and secured but the idea of building a wall that is 55ft tall is ridiculous. Trump announcing that he wants to build a wall made many individuals go out and protest against this idea he has. One situation that you see around the news and other media is that many of these protest turned into violent crowds of burning pinatas in the form of Donald Trump or causing issues where the local police have to step in. Another group of people actually built a wall as well recently. “Demonstrators in Mexico City have built a mock barricade outside the US
    embassy topped by an effigy of Donald Trump in protest at the
    President’s plan to build a border wall” (http://news.sky.com/story/mexicans-build-mock-wall-in-trump-protest-outside-us-embassy-10736852) after building this wall mocking Trumps idea they began punching and setting in on fire where this eventually turned into a violent crowd just chanting and not attempting to peacefully show or express what they believe in. These artist expressed and showed what they believe by bringing a community together and peacefully showing what they believe in. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNow100days

    • Mackenna Neal

      I agree with you and do not support the wall. It seems that history is just repeating itself. While I was watching the video clip, I could not help but to think of the Berlin wall. It made me think that if we can overcome the Cold War and unite a country again, that this wall will not last either. Walls are forever, people are. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNow100Days

    • Neve Roby

      I agree, I think the artists voiced their opinions and thoughts about president trumps ideas about this wall in a positive way which is how everyone should be doing it. I think keeping the borders safe is a good idea as well and President Trump’s wall is not the way to do so. A 55 foot wall on all of our borders with Mexico is very silly and using taxpayer money to do so is downright stupid. I’m interested to see the other works of art that artists create after more of President Trumps ideas and executive orders go into effect. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • gen

    This was an interesting way for the artists to share how they really feel about the idea of building a wall. Clearly the artist have no problem with creating a piece that symbolizes more than just the wall but it symbolizes separation, pain, betrayal. The artists thought of a brilliant way to say what they mean by following through with actions speaking louder than words. Clearly their action of creating an art piece such as this in the video they not only showcase their talents but their freedom of speech. I think they did a brilliant job at saying what they had to say while still being respectful and not causing physical damage to anything.

    • Tt

      Its almost beautiful how much emotion these artists are putting into the #100DaysArt. Its terrifying to think that we gave so much power to a single person that is now the face of the US through out the world. These artists really touched on the emotional distress Trump’s policies and plans for the first 100 days of presidency has caused them. Its really crucial for us as a country to come together and peacefully protest the policies that Trump will try to get enacted and really push for truthful analysis of these issues were facing and give more plausible solutions for them. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Michael Thompson

      Art can mobilize so many people. It stirs our emotions so much more effectively than just reading arguments supporting positions. #100DaysArt is an incredible way to capture the zeitgeist of this movement. The fact that it is so controversial only adds to its power. I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity inspired by the conflict. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNow100Days

  • Brigitte Dahrouj

    I think the important thing to do to answer this question is classify what you consider art. While drawings, paintings, and sculptures are art – stand up comedy, videos, photographs, speeches, poetry, and protest are also art to me. I have already done speeches on some of the matters effected by Trumps actions in the first 100 days, but feel there is more I can be doing with art to take a stand. Art is important because it speaks to people on an emotional level, which is more effective than using facts and data. I have been trying to get more involved in local protests as a a result of the election. I know many people may not consider protest to be art, but if you look around there is art everywhere. The signs have drawings or powerful phrases, the chants are musical or poetic, and the photographs taken convey the emotion and the message. Protests are truly artistic.
    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEe7nYTw_Ik) This stand up can show you how comedy can convey a political message.
    And here is an article on what some artists have also done to protest the Trump presidency. http://time.com/4636622/artists-protest-donald-trump-boycott/
    One of the art projects mentioned in this article had a campaign that was very powerful, here’s a video of their campaign. https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/2776430/video-740236-h264_high.mp4
    #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Michael Thompson

    The painting below is by the incredibly talented Dave MacDowell http://www.Livingroomfloorgallery.com.
    I think the image of a diaper clad Donald Trump pulling planes into his own building is symbolic of both his infantile nature and his antagonistic rhetoric. His immigration ban specifically targeting seven majority-Muslim countries serves as ISIS’ propaganda now, making it easier to sell that the United States is at war with Islam.
    #MyCMSTArgs #DoNow100Days #100DaysArt

  • Neve Roby

    I think this was a super dope way for these artists to show how they feel about the possibility of the wall being built. The artists put a lot of emotion into this piece of work, I think it reflects a lot of how others feel about the wall as well. Art has an amazing way of bringing people together to voice opinions in a positive way. People need to protest more like these artists are, they’re sharing their negative feelings towards Trump in a positive way by using their first amendment right. Protesting in a positive, non-violent way is how everyone should be handling issues with President Trump’s first 100 days. This wall is estimated costing between 12 and 15 BILLION dollars in taxes, whack. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs http://www.cnbc.com/2015/10/09/this-is-what-trumps-border-wall-could-cost-us.html

    • Stone Dennison

      I totally agree about art bringing people together. Although, I do not believe that protesting with art is quite as effective as other means. We don’t get CNN alerts about people conveying critical art pieces of trump to an audience. I do believe art can serve as a secondary mean to get a message across to others, but joining together and making your voice heard is probably more efficient at receiving national attention. One does not have to use purely art to flex the 1st amendment muscle we are all born to flex. #myCMSTArgs #DoNow100Day #100DaysArt

  • Zoe Atava

    I really appreciate this artistic take onto the terrifying reality that Trump has preposed. All logistics are detached in that situation as real raw emotion is expressed into these miniature pinatas. Its also a very unifying experience to bond based off of the same feelings towards one event. Making an art piece in response to a political event that might be upsetting is a way to truly sit with and come to terms with your emotions towards a certain situation. Working for days on a piñata that will symbolically be a grandiose way of separating one and their loved ones allows one to channel their intense sadness and anger into productivity and calmness. I really look up to people who are able to channel their energy in this way and think that it is extremely beneficial to all parties involved. As far as The Wall is concerned, I believe that it will do America more harm than good in regards to crime. The American Dream is something that many are trying to achieve and at 55 feet represents a superficial, artificial and bigoted America and sadly, makes me ashamed to call myself an American. #DoNow100Days #100DaysArt #MyCMSTArgs

  • Grace Gerberich

    I personally love this artistic approach to Trump’s absurd proposition to build a 50 foot wall in order to keep people “out.” It is a beautiful representation of the people who are targeted, views and opinions on the matter. They are able to express and in a way, make light, of the proposition. I am sure so many other people, who aren’t able to put their feelings on display, share similar views and stances as these pinata artists do. It is moving how much passion and emotion is behind each and every piece of art. Most would agree that Trump’s proposition is absolutely ridiculous and unheard of, for it is one of the most famous ideas of Trump’s for being mocked, especially in the media, and now through pinatas. I also love how this is such a peaceful protest, probably something that pissed off Trump because of the fact it was so peaceful and attracted many people to follow and support it. I give props to these artists and all their hard work through freedom of expression. #DoNow100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Luke Williams

    I find it great we can voice our opinions through visuals. These artist created a very realistic view on trumps proposed reality. We se people expressing there opinions on posters at protests for years and the signs seem to be getting more and more creative. I do not agree with the wall at all. I really do not understand how a wall is going to get anything done. He talks about keeping the cost of the wall down and we all know its not going to be cheap. http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/11/politics/donald-trump-border-wall-cost/.
    #DoNow100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Ciana Bell

      Hi Luke, I also like that we can voice our opinions through art, I think it is much more calming and less aggressive than other forms of protests. I also agree with your questions to the effectiveness of the wall. Yes it will keep out illegal immigrants, but will that be enough and will that make a difference in the U.S. or will it stir up more problems. I read an NBC news article with regards to the costs of the wall, it is not cheap and it will be something paid for with tax dollars. That is definitely something extremely important to consider when the administration is making their decision. #DoNow100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Trevor Ramsey

    It is interesting to view the unique patterns and symmetrical designs that nature has to show. Art is a way to shows how different cultures view and interpret the world around them. So many cultures are being left out of the new age of art that their customs and traditions are being forgotten all together. With the help of artists across the country, cultural art is still being made relevant today. To help cultural art survive it must not be repressed.
    #DoNow100Days #100DaysArt #MyCMSTArgs

  • Ciana Bell

    I love that others can voice their opinion through art; it is so much more peaceful and calming than other forms of protest. With that, I find our administrations stance on the key issues, such as building a wall, to be extremely unlikely and also aggressive. With extremely controversial topics such as this, it is crucial to take it slow and to be respectful to the country as a whole. Everyone, including our administration needs to take a step back during these 100 days and truly think of what they are doing and the impact it is having on our country. Artistic protests are beautiful, but they can only last and be beneficial for so long before protests become out of hand and our country is no longer fighting together. Along with that, NBC news article indicates that plans to build the wall, the costs, the labor, and the means of paying for the costs are not something that should be taken lightly. This plan that our administration has needs to be well thought out. #DoNow100Days #MyCMSTArgs http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trump-border-wall-could-cost-21-6-billion-take-3-n719286

  • Kanako

    I really love this creative idea of the Pinata border wall because people can express their emotions and break this wall as if they were breaking the actual border wall, which is under construction. It was surprising to hear that Donald Trump REALLY started constructing the border wall because I thought that was just his joke. Since Donald Trump became a new president, many immigrants are rejected to come to the U.S., and I guess he will conduct more things for rejecting immigrants from now on. I am scard of what happens to the U.S. next… #DoNow100Days #100DaysArt #MyCMSTArgs

    • Justis Haruo Kusumoto

      I agree with you Kanako, it’s an uncertain and stressful time in America, and the world, as Trump’s immigration and trade policies have the potential to drive our economy into a protectionist ditch. However, do you have a source to back up your assertion that he’s currently building the wall? I haven’t heard anything about that. Otherwise, great post and I totally agree with you otherwise for the aforementioned reasons.

  • Stone Dennison

    Art is a way to send a profound message about a thing or person. Art is a type of imagery that can help someone better understand a situation they may not understand on a written basis. Creative ways to appeal to an audience through art can be done by ways of political cartoons. Political cartoons can help cast on how we feel as a community about a subject. I will post a link to some political cartoons of our president. https://goo.gl/images/LDQ5Qk #DoNow100Days #myCMSTArgs #100DaysArt

    • Adrian Astorga

      I agree with this art can be left up to interpretation as well and can get such a deeper message across rather than words. People get really creative with this as well.

  • Adrian Astorga

    I find it very fascinating how people use art to express what they are feeling and think this lasts an everlasting impact on the viewers. This art ranges from the samples given to us above to even the signs people use at protests and rallies. I think art is a great way to express what one ins thinking in a non violent way with still getting a strong message across. As for the wall is concerned it’s going to cost quite a bit of money.http://www.cnbc.com/2015/10/09/this-is-what-trumps-border-wall-could-cost-us.html #DoNow100Days #myCMSTArgs #100DaysArt

  • Justis Haruo Kusumoto

    #DoNow100Days #myCMSTArgs #100DaysArt I am responding to the Trump administration’s stances on key issues by encouraging my friends to vote and get involved in the 2018 midterms so that there will potentially be at least some sort of obstruction or oversight to the policies of the Trump administration. Congressional Republicans have yet to demonstrate any oversight of this administration, or act as a check or balance. We’ve had to rely off the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for that. So, with these things in mind, I believe the most effective response involves voting and getting involved in the 2018 midterms so we only vote in candidates that will use Congressional subpoena powers to investigate any questionable Trump administration actions or policies. Art is cute and expressive in its own unique ways, but I believe in a more pragmatic approach to responding to this new American political order. While it’s unlikely the Democrats can retake the Senate in 2018, as this article demonstrates: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/political_commentary/commentary_by_kyle_kondik/2018_s_initial_senate_ratings
    it’s important to note that it’s our only hope leading up to 2020. The Trump administration’s dangerous stances on key issues like Middle East foreign policy, cozying up to Russia, and pulling out of the Trans Pacific Partnership along with rejecting refugees (and having a former senior aide conspire with Russian officials) require that we have a pro-active Congress that will actively check and balance a Trump administration.

  • Ethan Bradley

    The way a president organizes his administration has historically decided the way that the government runs, and so far the Trump administration isn’t up to par. The most successful presidents have surrounded themselves with people more qualified than them that could give good advice: Washington had Jefferson and Hamilton, who were better speakers, better writers, and better policymakers, and his ability to take their advice shaped a nation, while Lincoln surrounded himself with those he’d beaten in that year’s Primary, who were more experienced, and very eager to make Lincoln their puppet, but he skillfully used their talents under his leadership to lead a successful four years. Trump’s administration stands in stark contrast, as he places a woman who has no experience with public school as Secretary of Education, a doctor the Secretary of HUD, and a journalist his Chief Strategist, showing that Trump doesn’t want his advisors to give advice based in experience or expertise.

  • Zachary Trovatore

    I think the new administrations stance on key issues, foreign policy in specific, is extreme. Illegal immigration IS an issue that negatively affects American lives, economy, jobs, and safety, to name a few aspects. While I believe it is important to have effective foreign policy laws, I also agree that it should be ethical and rational. I feel that the new administrations stance on the wall, deportation, and “Muslim ban”, are all policies that have gone too far. I think the use of the art makes these feelings come from an idea to emotion. Here is another article on the power art has https://ww2.kqed.org/learning/2016/01/12/what-role-can-art-play-in-creating-social-change/
    #DoNow100Days #myCMSTArgs #100DaysArt


Chanelle Ignant

Chanelle is the Youth Participation Coordinator for KQED Education. She has worked with various Bay Area youth media organizations and is an independent media maker.

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