Featured Resource: Trump Signs 3 Executive Orders, Meets with Business Leaders (NPR) 
President Trump packed his schedule on his first Monday at the White House, signing executive orders and meeting with business leaders and lawmakers.

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The First 100 Days

Blame President Franklin D. Roosevelt for getting so much done in his first 100 days in office back in 1933. Thanks to his now-legendary productivity (15 major bills passed, total banking collapse avoided), the clock starts ticking for presidents as soon as they’re sworn in and doesn’t stop until the end of April. Rightly or wrongly, a new president’s first 100 days are seen as a time to start fulfilling major campaign promises, buoyed by a post-election wave of goodwill.  How much a president accomplishes–or fails to get done–follows him throughout his term in office and even into the history books, as a quick search of “recent president’s name + first 100 days” reveals.

While Donald Trump entered office with the lowest approval rate in recent history, he and his administration, with the help of the Republican-dominated Congress, have already tackled several items on the list he outlined in the Contract with the American Voter, released shortly after the election.

Trump has already pulled the United States out of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement known as TPP and enacted a hiring federal hiring freeze that leaves thousands of government jobs unfilled. He has also taken the first steps to start work on a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and address the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which he has vowed to renegotiate. He signed an executive order to “waive, defer, grant exemptions or delay” any part of the Affordable Care Act (known as Obamacare) that creates a burden for consumers or the health-care system. This move is widely viewed as a strategy to destabilize the state insurance health exchanges, a key component of the ACA. In another executive action, Trump advanced approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, currently the site of protests on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.

Other well-known campaign promises, such as completely rolling back Obamacare and a massive spending plan to improve American roads, bridges and other infrastructure, will need congressional approval to move ahead. The Republican-controlled Congress, voting along party lines, has already taken steps to begin repealing the ACA, though there is currently no plan to replace the law.

With Congress firmly in the Republican camp, resistance to Trump’s 100-day agenda has come primarily from statehouses and voters themselves. Many governors, Republicans among them, are concerned that Obamacare’s repeal will send their budgets into a tailspin as they scramble to cover healthcare costs without federal support. And the day after the inauguration, women’s marches on all seven continents drew millions of people into the streets to protest Trump administration policies. Collectively, the estimated 500 marches in this country alone may have been the largest mass protest in U.S. history.

Whether you are protesting or cheering Trump’s policy agenda, tell us what issue you care about most and what you plan to follow through his first 100 days.

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  • Ben Dexheimer

    The issue that I am interested in following is the immigration order, that says that no people from 7 Middle Eastern countries are allowed to enter the United States. I am interested because I would like to see how it turns out and how long it will last. #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Charles Omodt

    I’m interested on the issue of immigration and how it works out and how people react to it. #DoNowFirst100Days

  • RyanL

    I am concerned with President Trump’s decision to temporarily ban refugees from foreign countries, because I feel it could spark lots of issues. #DoNowFirst1000Days #VVMSGov

  • Percy Olken-Hunt

    I am interested on the issue of keeping our Allies, because the less Allies we have means the more people who dislike us which could be dangerous.

  • Caarlos Maldonado

    I am the most concerned about the acting on Obama care because many people can’t effort to pay the care and that will make people more miserable because they will be aware about getting hurt or living life to the fullest. #DoNowFirst1000Days #VVMSGov

  • Matthew Spanhake

    I will follow President Trump’s temporary ban on immigrants from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from immigrating into the United States. I am interested in how long this ban will last, and the types of reactions that will be shown. #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

  • Lindsay

    I am interested on the issue of immigration, because of what it will do to the population numbers and how people of that ethnicity and others will react to this. #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

  • Valentina B

    I am interested but also concerned about immigration but also temporary banning the 7 countries from coming into the United States. #vvmsgov #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Percy Olken-Hunt

    I am interested on the issue of keeping our Allies, because the less Allies we have means the more people who dislike us which could be dangerous. #DoNowFirst100Days

  • I’m disgusted that we’re expected to treat Nazis like human beings now #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

  • Sophie Vaillancourt

    I am very concerned about the topic of immigration and trumps recent decision to temporarily ban lots of people including refugees from the USA. #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

  • Reese W

    I am most interested in following President Trump’s temporary ban disallowing people to enter the U.S. from 7 different muslim majority countries for 90 days. There is already a lot of tension between the Middle Eastern countries and the ties we have with the leaders of those countries may very well be severed, causing much hate towards the U.S. and possibly war. #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

  • Heidi E

    I will follow Trump’s immigration plan. I am interested as to how the ban on immigrants from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen will end. #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

    • Lauren Davis

      I am also interested in this. I am hoping that things will end well and without war and realize that it is not a total ban, but that it is a pause on immigration so that the US can temporarily work on itself and improve the quality of our life to then branch out and help the world when we are secure. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Emily Ford

    im really concerned about the immigration ban because without immigrants we aren’t america #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

    • Zachary Trovatore

      I like how your comment is so ironic, and I agree. It’s funny how America was founded/created by immigrants, but only until now are we taking any serious action. I do believe as a country one of our top priorities are safety, and that immigration laws do in fact promote that, but my issue is whether Trump’s plan of action is reasonably ethical.

      • Christiana Manzanares

        I agree with both of you. I think it’s very ironic that a country built on immigrants, is now trying to force immigrants out. It reminds me too much of Hitler and it makes me very nervous to see what Trump has in plan. Not to mention just how plain wrong it is to reject immigrants and refugees into our country that are coming to America to escape the horror that is currently happening in their home country. #donowfirst100days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Kyle Robins

      I agree. America is a nation of immigrants and has been coined many times as a “melting pot” of many different cultures. It’s disappointing that our president has these such beliefs as in this article https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/25/us/politics/refugees-immigrants-wall-trump.html. I really hope that in the future, we can realize that a country dominated by fear is no country at all. #donowfirst100days #myCMSTArgs

  • Raquel Rossmann

    I’m concerned about Trump’s immigration ban. I’m also interested it in to see how it will play out and how it will affect our population.

  • Trevor Young

    I am not a very big fan of the “wall” that he wants to build. Use the money on something else. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Lillian Muehlhausen

    I am interested in Trump’s immigration ban from 7 different countries. I am interested to see how people will react and how long that plan’s will last.

  • Mari Simon

    I am interested in following the immigration laws within the first 100 days. I am interested in how people will react to it, how it changes the population, how airports act towards people, and how people visit their families that live in the US but they do not.

  • Emily Rogers

    I think following his immigration plan is important because he is anti-immigration, but this could majorly effect the lives of people turned away and also the lives of people in America

  • kate karlen

    I am interested in President Trump’s Immigration Plan. I think to be aware of the action Trump’s actions on banning immigration coming into the United States is important. Also, without immigration America wouldn’t be the same.

  • sawyer

    I am thrilled with Trumps decision for immigration plan with the middle east and interested with how people will react later on to it. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Cole Gustafson

    I am going to follow Trump’s immigration plan. I want to know how he is going to ban immigrants from 7 different countries from coming to the United States #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

  • Bri

    I am really concerned about the immigration ban because this is just putting more tension on the Muslim and Americans as well as countries in the middle east. #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

  • Lillian Riha

    I am curious to see how people react to the recent ban on immigrants from certain Muslim countries because I think our reaction will say a lot about what our country ACTUALLY stands for. Is there really liberty and justice for all? Or just for those who fit Trump’s standards? #vvmsgov

  • Tatum Olson

    I’m interested in Trump’s immigration plan to see how it will work out and what others will think of it. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Peyton Ritzer

    I want to follow the immigration plan and see how it will affect the daily lives of Americans and others. #VVMSGOV

  • Katherine Larson

    I will follow his choices on immigration because I want to see how it will play out. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • ShaylynnR

    I think Trumps immigration plan is important to keep America safe, but it doesn’t seem fair to the people who deserve to enter the country. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

    • Justis Haruo Kusumoto

      @shaylynnr:disqus I disagree with your assertion that “his immigration plan is important to keep America safe,” but agree with your assertion that “it doesn’t seem fair to the people who deserve to enter the country.” #donowfirst100days #MyCMSTArgs @2ndheartmom
      There are several reasons his immigration plan makes America less safe. An Atlantic article that just came out demonstrates that his new “immigration plan” really does nothing to keep America safe. Citing the Cato Institute, “But after sifting through databases, media reports, court documents, and other sources, Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration expert at the libertarian Cato Institute, has arrived at a striking finding: Nationals of the seven countries singled out by Trump have killed zero people in terrorist attacks on U.S. soil between 1975 and 2015.” You can find the article here: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2017/01/trump-immigration-ban-terrorism/514361/
      It’s clear that the immigration plan not only fails to keep America safe, but it actually makes America less safe by causing a deterioration of relations with these Middle Eastern states such as Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, and Iraq which are struggling to fight these insurgencies, and would be potentially critical partners in the war on terror. While, yes Sudan is ruled by General Omar al-Bashir, a dictator with little regard for human rights, these other states are ruled by relatively moderate provisional governments under heavy stress from jihadist insurgencies.

  • Jonathan Marker

    I am most interested in following President Trump’s temporary ban disallowing people to enter the U.S. from 7 different Muslim majority countries for 90 days. In the past, their has been a lot of tension between the 7 countries and the United States. I believe that this ban will lead to actions and possibly war. #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

  • Caroline Murray

    I am interested in the immigration ban from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. But also concerned for our country’s opinion and reaction to it. I’m interested to see how it ends up and to see’s people’s final view on things.

  • Alex Armbrustmacher

    I am concerned about the immigration ban for 90 days,because it might cause tension between countries and make them like the US less.#donowfirst100days#vvmsgov

  • Nicholas Pederson

    I think President Trump’s idea, an idea banning people from 7 middle east countries from entering the United States, his idea will start an uprising in the middle east and in the United States. Protesting this idea is not the right thing to do. You just make Trump mad and you will not be able to do anything about it. I also think it is a bad idea proposed by Trump. #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Anna Romain

    I am interested to see how the world reacts to Trump’s ban on immigration on 7 Middle Eastern countries. #DoNowFirst100Days #VVMSGov

  • Ari M

    I am very concerned about the immigration ban because I believe that it will spark many issues with different cultures.

  • Justis Haruo Kusumoto

    @2ndheartmom #MyCMSTArgs In these first 100 days of the Trump Administration, I will be following the issues of corporate tax policy, which has remained a highly polarizing issue both in the United States and around the world. While Trump promises to slash corporate income taxes, his policies have lacked specificity and consistency in the fiscal realm. In the NPR recording on #DoNowFirst100Days the only thing that remains clear is that he told business leaders that he wanted to slash corporate income taxes. Corporate income tax policy is extremely important, under our currently punitive system, corporations are inverting billions of dollars of assets overseas, along with other forms of movement. This is because the United States has the 3rd highest corporate income tax rate in the world, and technically corporate income taxes are 50-60% because not only are corporate profits taxed 35-40% but capital gains and dividends of those profits are taxed another 25-33% in the United States. This double layered tax policy has done enormous damage to our fiscal stability because hundreds of billions of dollars in assets are being moved to other states, and companies are actually holding back profits from their shareholders to avoid the high tax bill. Even with loopholes, corporate income taxes still stand close to 35% on average. One particularly glaring article that supports this position is on forbes http://www.forbes.com/sites/aparnamathur/2015/05/28/the-bad-and-the-bad-of-u-s-corporate-income-taxes/#76217b6c2826
    which outlines some of the fundamental flaws with our current, and highly punitive corporate tax policy. It’s important to note that a careful revision of corporate income tax policy to reduce capital flight to other countries has enormous potential to bring back billions in tax dollars to the federal and potentially state governments, which would mean more money for infrastructure, reducing the deficit, health care, and national security. @2ndheartmom #MyCMSTArgs

  • Kassin Farah

    First 11 days were crazy, can’t wait to see 100 days #DoNow100days #vvmsgov

  • Bridget Braun

    I am concerned about Trumps decision for immigration to ban the middle east because I think that other religions and cultures could be offended. #vvmsgov

  • Alison B

    Im concerned about the immigration ban, as well as interested to see how it will pan out #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Luke Ruegemer

    I will be most concerned about what Donald Trump will do with the problem of immigration. Also, what he will say about refugees coming into our country, later in the 100 days. I think he started off too quick, and should’ve waited until he was more settled in to make the refugee call.

  • Sofia Carlson

    I will follow the issue of the immigration ban because it will affect a lot of people, and it won’t make America look welcoming. There are also people from different countries that are studying abroad, and they won’t have the opportunity study in America. #VVMSgov

  • Estelle Jungels

    I am interested in seeing what Trump’s next steps with immigration will be and how the world will react to his executive orders.

  • Megan Mclenighan

    I am interested in following Trumps immigration plan and to see how long the ban will last for/ if they will come up with a new vetting system #vvmsgov

  • Ian Seiler

    while I am concerned with trumps appointments and some of his executive orders have been less than desirable. I can somewhat agree with his immigration plan, as long as its not permanent and doesn’t affect those with green cards or those who are citizens I can go with it, don’t get me wrong I want immigration to continue but at the same time we don’t have to let every single person in. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Kayla Barnhart

    I will be following the issue of Immigration. It has interested me for a while and now I am curious what will happen with the new policies Trump is attempting to implement. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Niamh Macdonagh

    I am concerned about the ban on refugees, and not allowing them to escape war torn countries, I am also very concerned with the ban on abortion because in the past banning abortion has caused many unnecessary deaths in cases were women have to get abortions illegally. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Emma Erny

    I am interested in the issue of the ban of immigration in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. I am concerned about how our country will react to it. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Reham Alemam

    I am concered about the immigration ban and how it will affect the nation down the line. I am also concerned about the Dakota pipeline and the wall. I feel this is going to affect the culture in the U.S and create a divide bigger than the one already there. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Sofia Volpi

    I am very concerned with Trump’s decision on immigration, but I am intrigued at the same time to see the how world reacts and how his recent decision will affect other countries. #vvmsgov #donowfirst100days

  • Evan Judson

    I will be following Trump’s “America First” campaign and his stance on human rights, both for the same reason: disaster prevention. I think allowing minorities their rights is one of the most important thing to me to prevent future disasters. America First is incredibly of suspect as it has the same title as a pre-WWII campaign that sent Jewish refugees away from the US. (Notice that the new America First campaign is turning Muslim refugees away from the US). Counter-terrorism is not an excuse to curb rights.
    (Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/America_First_Committee)

  • Meghan Phillips

    I am interested in the immigration ban from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. I am concerned how our country will react to it, and am especially concerned on how other country’s will now view the United States. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. #DoNowFirst100Days #vvmsgov

  • Becca H

    I am curious to see how America responds to the immigration ban, but I do not think that it is fair because most people that live in different countries are not bad.

  • Brandon

    I will follow the issue about the wall that may be built to block out mexicans.

  • Ruby W

    I am very concerned with Trump’s decision on immigration, I am interested to see how the rest of the world will react and what they will say about our ‘president’. #vvmsgov #donowfirst100days

  • Nicole Hoffmann

    I am curious to see how the immigration ban will affect the United States, and how other countries will now view America. #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Amelia

    I will be following the issue of Trump’s action of moving Steve Bannon to the N.S.C

  • Gillian Zeuli

    I am very concerned with Trumps immigration ban because i am curious to see how America reacts and how other country’s will not view America. Immigration is spoken about a lot so it is definitely controversial which will be interesting to see. #DoNowFirst100Days #vvmsgov

  • Caroline Theis

    I am most interested in following Trump’s decisions regarding immigration because I am curious how the people in our country and other countries will react to it. #vvmsgov #donowfirst100days

  • Kennedy Inthonpradith

    I am concerned about Trumps temporary Immigration/Muslim ban because it is causing alot of people to protest and cause alot of drama in news

  • Claire Wagner

    I am concerned about how other countries around the world will react to the immigration ban. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Claire Nelson

    I am concerned about Trump’s decision on the immigration ban. Not only do I fear how our country will react, but other countries who are involved in the ban as well. I am interested on how everything will play out and if the ban will stay as the year continues. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

    • Dollie Partida

      I agree, I am also interested in how other countries will react. Not only on immigration policies but also other economical policies. For example, while I was in Mexico for the summer with my family I would hear a lot of news about Trump. The most recent was Ford planning on removing all their factory plants from Mexico. That will most likely hurt Mexicos employment rate. Will Ford loose Mexican buyers and investors because of this? Will this affect Mexico and U.S relationship? #MyCMSTArgs

  • Abdulahi Mohamed

    Im very concerned about immigration ban because my friends, family etc.. that might want to come here might not be able to come to america because of this ban

  • Abby Jones

    I am interested on how American citizens will respond to the immigration ban from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. I am also interested how other countries will view the United States. #donow #vvmsgov

  • Amelia

    I am interested in following the issue of Trump’s action of moving Steve Bannon to the N.S.C; and if it will lead to him using the military for political gain

  • Abby.V

    I am curious in the immigration band from Iraq,Iran and Syria. I am interested to see how our country reacts to it.More importantly see how other country react and view presidents Trumps decision on the United states. The united states was supposed to be the land of the free and a go to place for immigrants. # donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Tom A

    I am interested in Trump’s ban on the immigration and why he would do this, it causes a lot of trouble with many people’s beliefs. This might hurt Trump’s popularity even more and I am not sure if it is worth it when it is only 90 days.

  • Katie Peter

    To me, this looks like a disaster waiting to happen, no- it’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. You can see the disaster but you cant do anything about it. Its estimated about 11 million illegal people live in America. Where is the acceptance? We aren’t living in an anarchy, we live in america, “land of the free”. Banning Muslim people from entering, not allowing immigrants to RE-enter defunding abortion, what next? Where is the love? This is going to be a disaster. I am afraid for whats next.

  • Duncan Seltzer

    Trump’s executive order to ban Muslim immigration into the USA feels like a horrible nightmare. I am very concerned with this ban because of the lives it is currently affecting. It has already split up families, destroyed opportunities, and showed minorities in our country how a lot of us truly feel. Nobody should ever be frightened by their neighbors and communities, but sadly this is the reality with Trump as our president. Also, even if he wanted to slow down the immigration to stop ISIL attacks, none of the countries banned have been recorded attacking our country. I respect the fact that others are obligated to their own opinions, but I feel like this time the decision has no purpose.

  • Nathan

    I’m interested in the immigration policies which Trump is proposing, because if you keep accepting illegal immigrants, why would you go through the lengthy process of legal immigration?

  • Meghan

    I am going to follow the immigration ban and the plan to get rid of Obamacare without a sutable replacement, as I care healthcare and I am worried about the fact that we are a country of immigrants banning immigrants. #Donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Ryan Gallaher

    I will follow the impacts that Trump’s executive actions have on the market. #vvms #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Hendrik Grzybowski

    I am interested in following the issue of immigration because I believe immigrants are important to this country.
    #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Emily B

    Even though it isn´t good to ban immigrants from coming into the US I think Trump´s immigration ban will be good because for right now security and people´s safety are priority.

  • Yash

    I am concerned about the construction of the wall because first of all, it is going to be very expensive, second, it is not going to solve any problems, and third, the businesses will fall with the decrease of immigrants

  • Dahyun Hong

    I am going to follow Trump’s actions on immigration because it is affects the community I am living in, and some of my family members are also immigrants #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Jennifer

    I am interested in Trump’s immigration policy because America is full of immigrants from many different countries, and I wonder what effects his immigration policy will have on the makeup of America. #donowfirst100days #vvmsgov

  • Adam Schwinghammer

    I am most concerned and saddened by Trump’s immigration policy. He has taken an extreme position on the issue, and I feel he is guided less by logic and more by anger. I know good people who are concerned that their friends and families will be prevented from coming to America. It makes me sad that we are banning good people looking for a safe and prosperous future from contributing to our society, and I think these divisive, aggressive, and unamerican actions will only led to more terrorism, more destruction, and more division between native-born Americans and Immigrants.

    • Melanie Funk

      I agree with your post. What he’s doing with immigration in the last few days is not right. Trump is creating a greater division within our country rather than bringing us together,

  • Melanie Funk

    I am very concerned with planned parenthood’s future. Trump’s administration is out to defund planned parenthood completely because of the abortions they perform. In reality, only 3% of what they do is perform abortion. They provide so much more than just abortions (https://www.plannedparenthood.org/about-us/who-we-are/planned-parenthood-at-a-glance). I will follow what the Trump administration does with planned parenthood through the first 100 days and throughout his presidency.

    • Brigitte Dahrouj

      I also have a concern for what will happen to women’s reproductive health. The problem with outlawing abortions or defunding institutions that perform safe abortions is the result of an increase in unsafe or at home abortions. I fear for many women who may take matters into their own hands and risk their lives from the dangers. It’s not even just abortions. My very first visit to Planned Parenthood I witnessed a man approach the window and say “I just lost my job and don’t have health insurance. I’ve heard that you can help.” The woman behind the counter began to tell him about his options. This is so important. It’s not just women, and it’s not just abortions. Contraceptives, STI testings, and cancer screenings are among the many other wonderful things Planned Parenthood does. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Zachary Trovatore

    I care about and plan on following President Trump’s immigration policies. While I do believe our safety is a priority, I’m not sure his plan of action is the most logically consistent/morally correct way to go about the issue. I feel immigrants can benefit our economy by taking on the vast amount of jobs Americans won’t take. On the other hand, I feel immigrants are by default illegal and could potentially be a burden to law-abiding, tax-paying Americans. http://immigration.procon.org/ #donowfirst100days #mycmstargs

    • devinn bradford

      Our safety is not entirely centered around fear of the middle east. There are many nationalities that exhibit violent acts on America, the middle east is just the most “known about.” So in a sense, that is a stereotype that we have to watch out for. #mycmstargs

  • Lee V

    I will definitely be keeping up with the issue of equality and how Trump proceeds with legislature regarding this issue. Specifically I am interested in LGBTQ rights. I am a gender and sexuality minor and I take several classes where this is THE topic we discuss. There are a lot of people in the minority groups within American society who are scared that they will lose their rights. Members of trumps administration have publicly stated that they don’t support equal rights for these LGBTQ individuals. I hope that the administration does not restrict the LGBTQ community from experiencing the free and equal lives they deserve.

  • devinn bradford

    Although I feel as though we do have an immigration issue in America, I do not agree with the fact of pointing out middle eastern people with this ban. Honestly, there are other of nationalities who contribute to this immigration issue, so singling one race out is not cool to me at all. Keep in mind, African Americans, the Chinese, and Middle Eastern people were the groups who physically build America, so to kick them out, is quite dumb if you ask me. Secondly, I do not think that the government has the right to have a control over abortion If a woman wants an abortion, that is her right, because we do not know the reason as to why she feels the need to get an abortion (example: a woman being raped). Trump is just not it for me.

  • Dollie Partida

    During the first 100 days I will be following up with policies to do with reproductive rights. Specially because I am a women it is important to keep up and make sure they don’t do more harm, especially when there is little to no women in office. Trump has already signed an anti-abortion executive order. According to an article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-abortion-men_us_5886369be4b0e3a7356a7910 Trump reinstated the global gag rule. This rule “prohibits giving U.S. funding to international nongovernmental organizations that offer or advise on a wide range of family planning and reproductive health options if they include abortion ― even if U.S. dollars are not specifically used for abortion-related services”. Since 1973 the Helms amendment prohibits U.S tax dollars from funding over seas abortions. They continue to try and make new ones because they think it just isn’t enough. This defunding doesn’t focus on just abortions. There will be defunding on research, contraceptives, screenings and other health related programs that are very useful for anyone. I am also interested in the immigration and the wall he plans on building. It’s irrational and I’d like to see what excuses him and other politicians make in order to try and convince the public. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

    • Luke Williams

      I am also very interested in seeing if the wall actually gets built. I don’t see how people can support building a wall thats not going to do anything.

    • Zoe Atava

      I definitely agree on following Trumps policies on reproductive rights. Being a woman, I have the absolute choice to decide whatever I do with my body. Forcing women to have children, despite their financial level, mental strength, and physical ability is both heart wrenching and disgusting. Women are underrepresented and as seen recently in the Womens March, we will not stand to be treated less than. I believe in our nation and in our democracy and in the ability for our citizens to promote choice, despite what anyone else (the government) says or does. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Luke Williams

    I will be keeping up with immigration laws in the first 100 days. As trump said, “All lives matter”. But now that this “muslim” ban has been put in place All Lives Matter supporters remain quiet. https://www.eurweb.com/2017/02/lives-matter-supporters-expected-stay-silent-trumps-muslim-ban/# . Id be interested in the excuses people will make to support Trump while he discriminates against a group of people.
    #donowfirst100days #mycmstargs

  • Lizet Ortega

    My plan is to follow the issue of the construction of the wall. I’m really concerned about his decision on building a wall because it’s just so unnecessary. That money can be used to fund other important things, such as AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE. As I was reading through his “contract for the first 100 days in office” I saw that not only is he getting rid of Obamacare but he is using that money to fix the roads? I completely disagree with his idea that a road is more important than the health of many Americans that can’t afford it and I am really concerned about this issue, I can’t wait to see what his next actions will be and how America is going to react to this.

    • Morgan Reams

      I completely agree with you, building a wall is not a priority right now. Things like affordable health care are going to be needed since Trump will be removing Obamacare. If they’re going to take away healthcare for many Americans they should at least provide an alternative. Fixing roads isn’t going to benefit us as a nation but healthy Americans will. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Seryna Valencia

    I am interested in finding out if and how “the wall” is going to be built. Being someone who’s whole family is in Mexico, this personally affects me. Having my birth being a result of immigration, like almost every person in this country, I find this proposal very uncomfortable and offensive. I fear that the progress of this order will cause so much conflict that it will result in unnecessary deaths. There are immigration laws in place already and I understand not everyone obeys the law however, there will always be people in the world going around “policy”. It seems more logical to change them or update them if immigration control is the issue, rather than to build a wall. A wall just seems like a dramatic move. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Roxanne Galdos

    I plan to follow the course of Trump’s executive order to defund agencies that promote abortion worldwide. The main organization that this barring is centered around is Planned Parenthood, an organization that every recent republican president has aimed to tear down. Being a women who has benefitted greatly from Planned Parenthood I have a personal interest in this topic because without sufficient federal funding PP and organizations alike will no longer be able to offer affordable services that go way beyond abortion. I feel like many people who support this executive order forget that these agencies provide reproductive healthcare services such as STD testing and treatment, contraceptives, pap smears, prenatal services, and much more that everyday men and women wouldn’t have access to if not for these organizations. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jan/24/donald-trump-signs-executive-order-defunding-inter/ #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Ryan Sotelo

      I agree, this is a very important thing to follow. People shouldn’t be able to regulate what another person does with their body. Planned Parenthood is very important and extremely helpful to a lot of younger people, especially since testing, contraceptives, and all the things you mentioned are expensive. Without access to programs like this, there will be a big bump in the road for people around the US and around the world. #DoNowFirst100days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Brigitte Dahrouj

    As a Syrian woman I am really interested in following the results of the ban. I have family in Syria and my cousin died in the war. I empathize with the refugees and some green card holders who had hopes of coming to America for security, and have been disappointed by the introduction of this policy decision. President Trump claims this is to protect America from reliving the experiences of 9/11; however, the four countries the Al-Qaeda terrorists came from are not included in the ban itself. This tells me the ban is rooted in an unjustified discrimination toward the Islamic faith resulting in his banning of predominantly Muslim countries. What they neglect to mention is the effect this has on the perfectly innocent Muslims not causing any terrorist problems being treated unfairly, the Christian and Jewish community that suffers, and the refugees from Syria and other countries who have to wait even longer to be located in the US because this ban is halting all refugee processing for four months to allow the vetting process to be reevaluated. I think we sometimes lose sight of the fact that these are real people, which is why I think it is important to watch this video or read the article: http://www.actionnewsnow.com/story/34393796/chico-state-student-awaits-syrian-fianc-after-trumps-temporary-travel-ban
    This is a friend of mine who has already been affected by this ban. These are real people with names, faces, families, and many stories. This article also explains who is and isn’t barred via this ban: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/01/31/us/politics/trump-immigration-ban-groups.html?_r=0
    #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Owen Smith

      I completely agree. You did an excellent job speaking to the fact that this truly effects families and individuals to an incredible extent. This new policy is very contradictory to the process that made America what it is, and shows how divisive or nation has become. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Ryan Sotelo

    I plan on watching what happens with the Dakota Pipeline access, after Trump said to proceed with the construction there has been more protests and arrests. The United states granted land to the Dakota and it is not right for them to break their treaty and expedite environmental impact research on the effect of the pipeline. The U.S. signed a treaty granting the Sioux the land. Due to the lust for profit and a lack of empathy for the environmental or local repercussions of the pipeline does not give Trump, or the United States the right to go back on their treaty. #myCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Neve Roby

    I’m planning on following most of President Trump’s issues but mainly how women’s rights, specifically the right to chose, are in jeopardy. With a republican controlled congress and with President Trump’s nominee for the supreme court making it a mainly conservative court will make it much easier for him to get his agenda by. As a woman I’m appalled that the government is still trying to control women’s bodies; I believe that everyone is entitled to their choice about their own body and the government should stay out of it. Overturning Roe V Wade will not stop abortions, it will just stop the safe ones so I’m interested to see what Trump tries to do and how women respond to it. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Mackenna Neal

      I agree with you 100%. It is ridiculous how 40 years later, the government is still trying to control women’s bodies. The interesting thing I find though, is that it seems the government only cares about one part of women’s bodies, abortion. There are so many different aspects to a women’s body that aren’t debated in government. For example, breast cancer. If a woman chooses to get a mastectomy, she has to pay for it, and no one is going to protest outside of the doctor’s office. One could argue that a mastectomy is not as severe as a an abortion, because it does not involve “another life”. It should not matter whether or not another life is involved, if the government wants to control whether a woman can have an abortion, they should accept responsibility for all other aspects of a women’s body.
      #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

    • Jacob Lux

      I definitely agree Neve. Taking womens’ rights to control whats inside their bodies is completely wrong especially considering that it is men who are making these decisions. There is no government in the world that should have control of women’s bodies and what they can and cannot do with them. I also agree that women are entiteld to make their own choices especially if its regarding an offspring of theirs. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Mackenna Neal

    The issue I plan on following during the first 100 days is Women’s reproductive rights. This issue was debated in Supreme Court 40 years ago for Roe v. Wade. I cannot figure out why so many people in the government are still trying to overturn this. When did it become justifiable for our government to control just this ONE part of a women’s body. . If Trump’s administration tries to overturn Roe v. Wade and give that power back to the states, think about all of those women who aren’t going to be able to receive and abortion, because of their geographical location.

    Picture a girl gets pregnant, in a state that doesn’t allow abortions, she can’t tell her parents, and she has no way of driving to a state that does allow abortions. That girl, who had dreams of going to college, seeing the world, and making a difference, has to put all of that on hold to raise a baby. It’s likely her parents will kick her out and she will drop out of high school, work two jobs, to support herself and the child. That doesn’t affect just her quality life, but also the child’s quality of life. The child won’t be exposed to the same types of opportunities that many other children will have, because they came from a low income family with no high education. If Trump moves forward with his plan, he will not only directly have an impact on many women out there, but he will also indirectly affect a whole generation and increase the gap between the rich and poor. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs https://www.reproductiverights.org/press-room/huffington-post-fight-womens-reproductive-rights-winning-losing-abortion-war-Roe

    • Carrie Requa

      I completely agree. It’s unfair that because of the laws that are being put into place after all this time of obtaining Roe v. Wade a group of high power men can overturn it. I like how you made the point of geographic location. Everyone has different opinions on the topic and if its in the hands of the states to decide whether or not they can provide these services puts a huge toll on women everywhere

    • Sue Peterson

      Very well written and complete response Mackenna. Thanks for including the link as well – expands the conversation beyond just this page!

  • Carrie Requa

    What I plan on following throughout the next 100 days is women rights. With is being such an impactful topic, its hard to ignore the fact that Trump will be shredding women of the services they require. As someone who utilizes the services that planned parenthood provides, such as testing and birth control, I am one of hundreds and thousands of women that will be stripped of getting the kinds of care that I need. With that, comes the abortion laws that have the opportunity of being overturned. Its extremely insane to me that a group of men have the control to decide what is best for women, when in reality it doesn’t affect or concern them what soever. Having the ability to choose what is best for our bodies is extremely important to our own self worth, and overturning it will do nothing but harm. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-abortion-men_us_5886369be4b0e3a7356a7910

    • Seryna Valencia

      This is a concern of mine as well. I feel like there has been massive women’s rights movements throughout history to get us where we are today and once one is granted a right (not a privilege) like abortion, one can not take it away. People like Margret Sanger have fought to make birth control legal since 1916 and succeeded. On the note of other people aloud to be in charge of women’s bodies; I think its almost laughable. Yes, one can make the argument that drugs are illegal because the government should protect peoples bodies from harmful substances but an abortion is just not the same. An abortion can be performed perfectly safe with minimal damage to the women’s body. https://ramahinternational.org/abortion-risks-dangers/
      #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Braden D

    I am quite interested to see how Donald Trump will handle the enforcement of laws that Obama simply ignored based on an emotional response from his followers. I am excited to hear that for the first time in 8 years, gun owners will not be held accountable for the actions of deranged lunatics. I do not agree with everything Donald Trump stands for but I believe that he is what the united states of america needs at the moment. He has already vowed to put all americans first and although it may pain some people to hear he does want to improve inner cities and protect the LGBTQ community. So far Donald Trump has called to build a wall and deport people in this country illegally. People originally thought he would be rounding up every single person who is here without paperwork and toss them out. Instead he has planned to take care of the illegal immigrants in federal prison and keep the so called “dreamers” here. All in all I believe that the protests and riots that have happened since his election have been some what of an over reaction. People have the right to gather like this peacefully but recently these actions have became violent. http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/01/us/milo-yiannopoulos-berkeley/ . This behavior is unacceptable no matter who is protesting and I hope this violence may be resolved peacefully but I do not see that happening.

    • Brandon Biermann

      I couldnt say i agree more in regards to the rights for gun owners. Extending the concealed carry permit to all 50 states will allow more citizens to protect themselves. Trump had a lot on his plate right now and whether or not he is able to go through with everything that he has stated so far could make or break his presidency. And you are right about the protesting, there is way too much destruction to property and nothing gets a point across like destruction….

    • Sue Peterson

      Although I may disagree with you on whether gun owners have been held accountable for the actions of deranged lunatics (there were attempts to do that perhaps, but there was never any actual legislation passed), I can see where this administration will be seen as more friendly to gun-owners. I totally agree with you on the protests becoming violent being unacceptable. Violence is not the way to deal with disagreements and it often ends up hurting those who are supposed to be getting support through the protests.

  • Grace Gerberich

    I am interested in following the issue of Women’s reproductive rights during Trump’s first 100 days. I still find myself not being able to wrap my head around the fact that people still believe they need to control and put laws to a specific part of the female body. Also if Trump’s administration tries to give states the power to decide if they will or won’t allow abortion, so many women will not be able to make a decision for themselves based on where they are located. This will put so many women in difficult situations, whether it is with their professional or family lives. Not being able to have the right to choose what you want to do with YOUR body puts a limit on almost everything else in life. And who should have the right taken away, especially when it is only being taken from women. This issue doesn’t only have a huge affect on women; it has an affect on everyone else. Looking at the big picture it will change a lot of lives and the way we live, especially for the generations to come. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/elections/2016/donald-trump-abortion.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/

    • Stone Dennison

      I agree Grace, it seems that under the trump administration we will be going backwards in terms of womens’ rights. Trump holds the key to the supreme court with his new nomination, and most likely will be “pro-life” and sway the courts that way. Trump is anti Planned Parenthood and supports taking away their funds. It seems that he is open to a reversal of Roe v Wade. We are in turbulent, political times and we can only wait and see. Trump has shown very little respect for women, and it doesnt appear to change anytime soon. #donowfirst100days #myCMSTArgs

  • Brian Luong

    One of the many issues that I will be following during President Trump’s first 100 days is his executive order that will continue the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline. These pipelines were stopped during the Obama administration due to his stance on energy conservation. Trump’s revival of the pipeline has not only disturbed energy conservationists, but has created tension between the government and the Native American population of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Although Trump has promised to reunite America, his decisions seem to be isolating many for the advantage of few. Although many may have doubts about our President, I think it’s good to look towards the future with an open mind. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

    • Sue Peterson

      This interests me as well. I was hoping there may be a compromise on changing the route of the pipeline or something. With all the leaks that have happened lately, it seems best to be cautious with these pipelines.

  • Owen Smith

    The first 100 days of Trump’s presidency will undoubtedly hold a lot of change, controversy, and interesting developments. During this time frame, I will be focusing my attention on the new Travel Ban, that was recently implemented via an executive order issued by President Trump. This was put into place in place with the intention of limiting acts of terrorism. The ban includes seven Muslim-majority countries, and specifically bans Syrians indefinitely. However, the ban does not cover certain countries with which Trump has business connections. The whole situation is very controversial and will certainly have huge impacts and change a lot of lives over the next 100 days. This is why I have chosen to focus on this particular topic.
    #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Stone Dennison

    I will be watching the repeal, and replacement of obamacare in the first 100 days. Obamacare subjects the middle class to higher premiums, thus decreasing their spending power. Although, with tens of millions of people now insured under the ACA it would be inhumane to strip all those now covered under the program. I will be watching the replacement itself, how will it work? Trump has been vague, as a nation we will see. #donowfirst100days #myCMSTArgs

    • Kyle Marden

      I agree! we need to keep healthcare affordable for the middle to lower middle class. Im curious to see how the replacement works out. #donowfirst100days #myCMSTArgs

  • Lauren Davis

    I am interested in what will continue to happen with Trump’s decision on planned parenthood. Even though I consider myself a Republican, we still need to option to have contraceptives because people will still have sex, there is no stopping that. What is a tough decision in the matter on pro-choice and pro-life. Although it hurts me to admit it, but I think women need pro-choice. Women need the option of what to do with their body when it comes in the time of need, meaning when they were raped or the baby could end up hurting the mother, or even the times when the mother cannot care for the child for multiple reasons and needs a way out so that the child is not harmed. I urge you all to watch this clip from Orange is the New Black that really changed my perspective on the abortion issue; for those that are wondering there are no spoilers.
    #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Edward Lampkin

      I agree, there are many reasons that someone could want an abortion. Its very big of you to admit that women need pro-choice even though you consider yourself to be Republican. I really don’t think men should be passing legislature on what women can and can’t do with their bodies. #donowfirst100days #myCMSTArgs

  • John Ramirez

    Due to how the Trump administration has handled their first two weeks in office I am very critical on what the next one hundred day will entail. For the first time in America we have people being angry at an elected leader for completing their political promises. However my concern with trump is not what he does but how he does it. He has threatened the media, has passed an immigration without regarding anyone, and has appointment cabinet positions to people whom have no experience but are somehow associated in business. Also he has made it very clearly that he is looking out for those who looked out for him and has recently fired those who do not agree with his position, In the next 100 days I will focus on trumps international, political, and national relations.

    • Adrian Astorga

      I totally agree with your stance. The way he goes about situations are very untraditional. I feel his use of twitter as a president is way out of line and he tweets too much about serious issues in this country when he could use more professional platforms of media more often. The riots at UC Berkley were one recent twitter use and threatening to cut their federal funding because of the incident. #donowfirst100days #MyCMSTArgs

      • Sue Peterson

        I agree with the use of Twitter being inappropriate for foreign policy or even domestic policy. I don’t know if you saw the Mira Lago story about the North Korean nuclear test and the reaction being filmed by multiple people in the resort while the leader of Japan and President Trump sat and publicly discussed the situation. It just seems so casual.

    • Joanna Aguilar

      I agree with you completely! The way he has already been taking action is not “presidential” of him and should take action in more professional manners when it comes to the media. #donowfirst100days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Roxanne Galdos

      I agree that Trump has made quite a few questionable nominations for important positions within our nation’s capitol. What shocked me most was Trump firing Attorney General Sally Yates after she refused to enforce the “Muslim Ban”. I think that says a lot about the type of people he wants on his staff; he wants yes-men. It’s nerve-racking that these people being appointed to run our country seem to be getting nominated solely on the fact that they will not contest anything that Trump proposes. #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

    • Sue Peterson

      I agree with you on the method being the problem, not necessarily what is done. I won’t agree with all policies, but when they are poorly executed it is bad for everyone.

  • Edward Lampkin

    I am interested in The Wall. Every aspect of the idea interests me. I originally thought it would be an unfulfilled promise made by a candidate to secure the votes of people who like the sound of a proud, red, white, and blue wall protecting our ever so great nation from those nasty immigrants. But now it seems like Trump will actually try to make it happen. Where will the money come from you ask? Well you see that is a great question, a tremendous question, the greatest question. A question like that could only come from a real American. And America, isn’t it great? very great, the greatest nation. Im proud to be an American. Thank you. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Nyle Khouja

      I agree with how trumps promise of a great wall was only made to secure votes, because its a great strategy. I personally thought that noting was going to happen on the immigration front after his election, but was very surprised and happy to see that he attacked the issue so fast. Whether Mexico will pay for it is the big question right now, but since it can be beneficial to both countries I can see in the future that we split the cost 50/50. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Nyle Khouja

    I am most concerned in Trumps promise to fix illegal immigration on our southern boarder with Mexico. Throughout his campaign he stressed the idea of building a great wall on the boarder that could be up to fifty feet tall. The wall would seem to be impossible to climb at this height, making it more of a mental intimidation to anyone wanting to come over. The wall would be a good first step in improving our boarder security, but will not be the only change needed to cover every aspect of controlling illegal immigration. After the wall is built more boarder patrol agents will be needed to properly protect and supervise the boarder. Unfortunately, the northern and southern boarders are understaffed and underfunded today. https://goo.gl/MgAISc. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Joanna Aguilar

    I am interested in following Trump’s actions towards his plans for women reproductive choices. I feel like his decision for wanting to remove this option for women isn’t necessarily his right to take away. It is already a big issue that women aren’t given enough advantages for being Americans, but to not give women the right to choose what they want to do with their own bodies shouldn’t be based on a decision our president is making for us. Everyone has an opinion towards this subject and his opinion should not define a law, it should be up to the person themselves whether or not they want to abort. Planned parenthood isn’t advertising for everyone who isn’t ready to be mothers to abort, it is just an option available to those who for whatever reason can’t bring another life to the world.

    • John Potiris

      I agree I believe it’s not his right to take away and its scary with his Supreme Court choice being Neil Gorsuch who ruled against contraception choices and will probably be against Roe vs Wade leaving the court from away 1 position from over turn. Though with the Women’s March and other Movements have been making huge marches there points will be hopefully heard. #MyCMSTArgs

  • Morgan Reams

    For the first 100 days I will be following Trump’s plans for women’s reproductive rights, most importantly abortion. I don’t understand how someone, especially a man, should be able to decide what a woman does with her body. Some people are unfit to be parents. If the government forces women to keep children they cannot afford or are not ready for this could lead to a larger amount of people on welfare. Also, what happens to women that are raped? They shouldn’t have to keep an unwanted and unplanned child. Overall, I think being pro-choice is bigger than just abortion. It’s about a woman’s right to choose what happens to HER body. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/14/politics/trump-gay-marriage-abortion-supreme-court/

  • Hannah Fulks

    I am extremely concerned with how Donald Trump handles sensitive issues. I am concerned that he uses his twitter and social media platforms to undermine the government, and put forward his own propaganda to attempt to sway the public. I am most concerned with his stance on women’s reproductive rights, and am angered that a man still has the power to decide the fate of so many women. By nominating Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump has directly affected the lives of millions of women. While Gorsuch has made his opinion on abortion clear, stating that a fetus is not a human life based on Roe v Wade, many are still scared that he could take away a woman’s right to choose. I am very scared that this administration does not know how to properly deal with conflict, and that laws will be made with Trump’s best interests in mind, rather than the good of the people. #MyCMSTArgs

  • Kanako

    As a foreigner, I’m most curious about immigration issues. When he said he would build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, I thought that it was just a joke. So I’m really surprised that he REALLY started to build the wall. Moreover, I was astonished when he decided not to accept refugees from dangerous foreign countries. It is no exaggeration to say that illegal immigrants contributed to improve the economy in the U.S., so I’m wondering what kind of impacts these new immigration policies have in the near future. #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

    • Legretta Wright

      I too am very concerned and curious about the immigration issues, not only because I feel it is cruel and hurtful, but because I have a mother-in-law that was deported back to Guyana a few years ago and it makes us a little scared of the feeling that she will never be allowed the chance to come back to America due to the immigration ban.

  • Jacob Lux

    I’m really concerned for many of the decisions that have been and are planning on being made by President Donald Trump, and Trump’s overuse of social media shows a lack of self-control when something or someone angers or upsets him. His decisions regarding immigration, abortion and the appealing of Obamacare are all what concern me the most considering that it contains taking many rights and privileges of many citizens. Many people are very scared and searching for ways to voice their opinions by protesting and rioting. Trump’s immigration ban that was just enforced this past week is showing just how over-the-top and insane some of his decisions are with all the legal opposition coming from different state governments and tech CEO’s. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/turmp-immigration-ban-opposition_us_5898a54fe4b0c1284f2710c6 #DoNowFirst100Days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Brandon Biermann

    I am interested if President Trump will go through on his statement regarding gun control. He discusses what he believes is a “total failure” regarding the all the bans on guns. He suggest that we give concealed carried permits should be allowed in all 50 states. I do believe that having armed citizens is the best deterrence for criminals. https://ww2.kqed.org/lowdown/2017/01/24/trumps-big-agenda-for-his-first-100-days-what-he-wants-to-do-and-what-he-can-do-with-lesson-plan/#Gun Control Trumps actions in the next 100 days will determine his stance on this subject.
    #MyCMSTArgs #DoNowFirst100Days

  • Kyle Marden

    I will be following the muslim ban in the first 100 days. While the idea behind it may be well intended, it is being executed poorly and making a lot of people upset.

    • John Ramirez

      I completely agree with you. Also I am confused as to why certain countries like Saudi Arabia who have actually been a threat to the U.S. are not on that list? Like you said intentions might have been right but his delivery and explanation for it was not.

  • Legretta Wright

    I have to be completely honest about this topic because it’s the only way to be. I think that Trump’s comment that he wants to make America great again, is not his intentions at all, I feel this way because of his actions and opinions that he has towards immigrants among other subjects that he feels is right, I believe the immigration ban is unnecessary, offensive and hurtful to many people. In my personal opinion he is taking America backwards and not forward. While I was looking over one of the resources that was provided it really caught my attention on how he expressed his strong support for law enforcement claiming that they are often “mistreated and misunderstood.” What about the innocent victims that were killed for no reason by law enforcement?#DoNowFirst100Days

    • Lizet Ortega

      I really like your response, and really admire your honesty on the issue. I completely agree with you because I don not think he is making any progress with the minorities and immigrant community, he is only focusing on keeping his supporters supporting him but forgets that there’s other Americans that need to be heard and have their rights respected as well. As an american citizen I am concerned about him focusing more on improving law enforcement instead of focusing on the victims that are being racially profiled and they are paying with their lives for it! it’s not just the use of violence but the use of fire arms when it’s not necessary.

  • Adrian Astorga

    The issue I am concerned the most with the first 100 days in office for Donald Trump would have to the be the wall he plans to build around the our neighboring country Mexico. Being Mexican American this issue interest me a lot. What I found really ironic is how Trumps plans to have Mexico pay the United States back after the wall is built if it actually does begin construction. The following article http://fortune.com/2017/02/06/trump-wall-wages/ talks about how the numbers for trump’s wall are way off and the wall could cost up to $25 billion. It also mentions how Mexico would reimburse the United States through a tariff on their goods. This could cause a lot of people to not buy the Mexican goods due to the lack of the support of the wall which in the long run will cause Mexico’s economy as a whole to suffer. #donowfirst100days #MyCMSTArgs

  • John Potiris

    There are a lot of issues with the new political powers. In the first 100 days of Trump’s Presidency he will face many challenges I think one of the largest is the repealing of Obamacare and the creation of it’s replacement. I believe trump will go through with it as he has lived up to many of his campaign promises and has already started as Cnn writes http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/20/politics/trump-signs-executive-order-on-obamacare/index.html Trump will have to make some complicated decisions when it comes to making health care affordable, making sure people that have pre-existing conditions get fair coverage, and do so with a every expanding deficit. I will be following Gun rights, Immigration policy, reproductive rights, and nominations as well currently. Since there a such big topics that have America reacting. I am so far hopeful of Trump though his nominations have me worried. #CMSTArgs

    • Sue Peterson

      John – well balanced post! I like that you recognize the problems, but also hold out on judgment on a lot of issues and stay hopeful. I also appreciate the article to expand the conversation!

  • Kyle Robins

    I am most concerned about Trump’s claims to start working on a wall between Mexico and the U.S.. I personally think that this could cause some very serious problems with the relations between Mexico and the U.S. and would result in negative consequences overall. This new york times article discusses why Trump believes we need a wall and better borders https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/25/us/politics/refugees-immigrants-wall-trump.html I am interested to see what happens in regards to “the wall” over the next few months. #donowfirst100days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Christiana Manzanares

    The first 100 days after inauguration, is a very intense and crucial time for a new president. Good or bad, President Trump is on a mission to accomplish many of the things he “promised” during his campaign. For the first 100 days I plan to follow the issue of the muslim ban. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous and that Trump shouldn’t be blaming muslims or not allowing refugees into the country. Whenever he talks about getting “rid of the bad” in our country and “making America great again” he is only demoralizing our country. He is blaming the Muslims in our country like Hitler blamed the Jews, and I can only see bad coming from these things. In the article https://thinkprogress.org/what-trumps-plan-to-ban-muslims-would-look-like-if-actually-enacted-fe1a1e653d6#.kd33shp0s Kira Lerner compares his plans to Hitler as well and brought attention to President Roosevelt who put Japanese Americans in internment camps. Trump’s co chair of state veterans coalition,actually invoked the Japanese internment as a defense of Trumps plan.I’m very nervous for the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency and also the next 4 years. I only see America taking steps backwards, however I hope I am wrong. #donowfirst100days #MyCMSTArgs

  • Marissa Krynak

    The topic I’m interested in seeing in the continuation of the first 100 days is the Travel Ban. As of now, the travel ban has been put to a hault and won’t continue, but now Trump is really trying to convince federal judges to put this ban forward. This ban is supposed to not let 7 countries (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen), their people to not immigrate into the United States. This is because of the many terrorists attacks we have had since 9/11, but more recently within the past few years, with attacks such as the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the San Bernardino shooting. This ban is to not let those terrorists come into the country to create more attacks and try and destroy our country. The idea of this ban makes sense, but I feel like it is ruining the freedoms that our country provides the people that are wanting to leave those countries, to come live a better life in the U.S. But what many people don’t know is that there are already many people from those countries, and they may not know which of those people are dangerous and are terrorists. And people that live in the U.S. don’t know who is dangerous and who isn’t, that’s why many people in the U.S. are so afraid of more of those people coming into the country. So it’ll be interesting to see what happens next to this travel ban within the next few days in the first 100 days. #DoNowFirst100Days

  • George

    My stance on the issue of cutting government funding to sanctuary cities is that we should not do that because that is Americas roots. We all started off as immigrants from countries that did not treat us well, so we are just being hypocritical about the whole thing. Cutting off funding to sanctuary cities is also not a good idea because what will happen to those refugees? They cant just keep on living because they wont be able to live with out our help. #milleraplang

  • George

    The cutting to the sanctuary cities is not going to help us at all, it just goes to show how hypocritical we are, because america is a melting pot of immigrants from nations that were not very kind to them. So by trying to kick them out doesn’t that make us as bad as one of those nation? I think yes because it’s just not fair to them since we opened our arms to them and now we are like just leave and don’t come back. Donald trump is also talking about plans to block syrians from entering the country.
    Mr trump also states in his executive order that we should “absolutely do safe zones in syria” which is an irony because syria is not a safe spot to be, his main point for saying that is that refugees should just stay where they are at and not try to seek help from other countries. He is also powering on another controversy with immigration and that is the program called Secure Communities, which means that if you are an immigrant from any country and you were to get arrested the police would have the option of deporting you back to where you came from. My overall stance on Immigration is that we should welcome them with open arms, instead of sitting back and doing nothing. #milleraplang

  • Julia Boswell

    Trump’s executive order calling for a roll back on business regulations is a very positive action and presents an opportunity for small businesses to thrive in an economy that heavily relies on the success of large businesses. The reality of it is is that a lot of American small businesses don’t stay around for long because of the restrictions set upon them by the government. Though there are also regulations enforced at the state and local level, eliminating “a little more than 75%,” of government set regulations as Trump claims he will do, will take a tremendous amount of weight off of small businesses.
    There is no possibility for major economic improvement without the well being of small businesses taken into consideration. The actions President Trump is taking are fully necessary to assist the needed increase of jobs in America as well as making the American dream become more easily achieved.

  • Jana APLang

    The US federal appeals court served America well by rejecting the executive order in February that banned travel to the United States from seven Muslim countries. The courts did their job-protecting justice– and showed an example of the system of checks an balances and why it is so vital for our country. This ruling allowed over 275 families to be reunited, and many more are on the way. Additionally the judges cited that there was “no evidence” that the ban would advance national security. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.nytimes.com/2017/02/09/us/politics/appeals-court-trump-travel-ban.amp.html America is a country built on immigration and Trump’s travel ban violates the blood, sweat and tears this land was built off. Immigrants are part of the fuel for success, and should not all be stereotyped as terrorists.

  • Collin Sharpe

    ‪Climate change is not an issue that allows experimentation in policy to see if the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community and data. Humans, through emissions of gases that get trapped in the atmosphere and trap heat on the Earth, are raising our planet’s temperature. This has catastrophic and permanent effects for everyone, impacting our ecosystems, our economies, and or survival as a species. Already, it puts the existence of entire island nations at risk. We must act now to stop this process before we hand to our children a planet and future warped by our misuse of it.http://www.businessinsider.com/effects-of-climate-change-2014-6


  • Madeleine Grainger

    The Paris agreement, a key advancement in climate change environmental policy. Not just for the U.S. but for the world, with 197 countries signatures. America is a leading example for other big nations to realize it is possible to take into account the environment into the actions of it’s industry. We should stick by this agreement as it brings the world together under one common goal, and breaking away from it as the Trump Administration plans to do as outlined in this article, https://tinyurl.com/h4g5ccl, will bring about tensions between us and other countries and bring us down a path to isolationism. We need fulfill our commitment to the world by doing our part in reducing CO2 emissions, as outlined in the agreement. #MillerAPLang

  • Erin

    I am following the issue of environmental regulations for the first 100 days. “Donald Trump will soon issue a flurry of executive orders as part of the process of weakening air and water pollution rules”. His goal in this is to make it as easy on the American fossil fuel industry as possible. This is an issue because without the regulations President Obama set in his terms and all before that, the amounts of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere will rise and global warming will continue to increase global temperatures at an alarming rate. Studies clearly show that with more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the global temperatures increase overtime.

  • Zachary Troutman

    Cyka Blyat cheeki breeki sneaky beaky gopnik idi nahui waddup.

  • Katherine Forsyth

    “The Trump Department of Homeland Security widened considerably the number of criminal offenses for which undocumented immigrants can be deported. It abolished the Obama-administration catch-and-release procedure. It ended the procedure of sending unaccompanied asylum-claiming teens (or purported teens) to distant towns with summonses — seldom obeyed — to appear for hearings later. These changes are bound to have the practical effect of deterring illegal border crossings and altering the plans of people currently in the United States illegally.”
    The issue I will be following for Trump’s first 100 days is Trump’s immigration policy. I believe that although immigrants are an important part of what already makes America so great, there has to be limits on who can wander into the country. Although it would be fantastic if our country could simply accept everyone who wishes to live here, the sad reality of the situation is that we cannot. The size of our nation is limited and that means there is a limited number of jobs for its citizens. Regulation is important when it comes to immigration. When immigrants enter the country illegally, it makes it even harder for unemployed Americans to find jobs. #DoNowFirst100Days #MillerAPLang


Rachel Roberson

Rachel Roberson is KQED's news education manager. Previously, she was a reading, writing and social studies teacher leader on three continents, having served on the founding staff of KIPP Bayview Academy in San Francisco before moving to schools in Abu Dhabi and Austin, Texas. She started her teaching career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroon. Before she was a teacher, Rachel was a journalist in the East Bay.

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