Flames ravage a home in the Napa wine region in California on October 9, 2017, as multiple wind-driven fires continue to whip through the region.

In this special presentation of Forum, we continue to take your calls and check-in with reporters and officials across Sonoma and Napa counties.

SPECIAL COVERAGE: Fire Sweeps Through the North Bay 10 October,2017Amanda Stupi

  • Peter G Werner

    I really think the podcast needs to drop the ad at the beginning for the October 28th event at Luther Burbank Center. I hope they rebuild, but it’s pretty clear the event being advertised isn’t happening.

    • Peter G Werner

      My bad – According to the New York Times, the main theater at LBC has only minimal damage, even though several other buildings on its campus have been destroyed. Unclear, though, whether the advertised event will take place.

      • Fielding Mellish

        I saw it yesterday and the main theatre section was still looking .. and I’m looking forward to seeing more shows there !!

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