The gas-powered Valley Generating Station is seen in the San Fernando Valley on March 10, 2017 in Sun Valley, California.

Over 10 years ago, Al Gore starred in the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” a fervent call to curb climate change. Now, the former vice president is back with “An Inconvenient Sequel,” which chronicles Gore’s efforts to keep the fight against global warming front and center. Filmmakers Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk join us to talk about the film. And later in the hour, we’ll hear from Al Gore.

Bonni Cohen,
co-director, “An Inconvenient Sequel”
Jon Shenk, co-director & cinematographer, “An Inconvenient Sequel”
Al Gore, former vice president; Nobel Prize Winner; author, “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power”

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Al Gore Spotlights New Climate Challenges with ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ 24 July,2017Michael Krasny


    Just imagine how the World be different today if Al Gore would have been the president after the election of year 2000 instead of the war criminal Neocon GW Bush, millions of lives would have been saved including untold thousands of Young Americans, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen would have whole, we would not have the bloody terrorists groups, we may not even had the 911 incident, as the bloody war Neocons for 3 years before the election prepared and sold GW on their long planned agenda Project of New American Century of perpetual wars and regime change across all of the countries in the Middle East and the Muslim world. we also could have saved trillions of dollars in wars to murder millions of innocent civilians, we could also had an early start to compact climate change with near 17 years wasted as well the awful hardship on the American people who foolishly put an extreme climate change denial who fooled them all the way with lies and false promises to achieve the presidency of the country…..

    • Leung Salame

      Yeah, remembering back to my backing of Nader & Winona LaDuke with all the gusto I could muster, you have a point there. IF ONLY a total loser/centrist like Gore wasn’t the nominee, we wouldn’t have felt the very urgent need to offer an alternative.


    Ralph Nader extreme ego and stupidity in the 2000 year election played a major role in the selection pf the war criminal Neocon puppet GW Bush, because after all of the cheating and hanging chads and ill fated supreme court decision to stop the count, GW Bush was selected by only 542 votes in Florida while Ralph Nader recieved over 85 thousands votes most of it would have gone to Al Gore Ralph Nader should have known better from the bloody war cri8minals Neocons who surrounded and brought GW Bush in office by all means and cheating…..Ralph Nader has the blood of millions innocent civilians and the destruction of so many countries as well as the demise of the U S economy when he opened the gates of Hell to GW Bush and his Neocons PNACERS war criminals puppet masters who initiated the whole mess we have today by their genocidal invasion of Iraq based on lies….Very sad.

    • Leung Salame

      Pernicious pack of bull. Nader brought out more otherwise nonvoting & 5th-party voters than was the margin in question. & if Dems r so great, answer this: why do they fear Instant Runoff Voting? Only possible answer: their policies suck compared to Greens etc.

      Definitive Proof Ralph Nader Didn’t Cost Al Gore The Election …

  • jakeleone

    I drive 35,000 miles per year, because governments in Atherton, Portola Valley, Woodside, and practically every community on the 280 corridor refuse to build homes. Yet there is a massive amount of open space. Occupied by Hummer driving billionaires.

    Change the zoning, save the world.

    When are we going to realize that it is politicians that are causing climate change. Industry and workers are always working to limit their waste of resources, because it is in their economic best interest.

  • Ben Rawner

    According to the research it seems we have already passed the tipping point. Even if we started today, which we are very much not doing, the mitigating effects would have very little effect and would more probably slow the rise versus stop it altogether. What do your guests think about this aspect?

    • Ehkzu

      The CO2 already in the atmosphere is quite stable and will last for centuries until natural rock weathering absorbs it. In that sense you’re right. However, every added increment will only make it worse incementally. We still have a chance to keep climate change from rendering a wide band around the equator uninhabitable some time in the next century. That seems like a worthy goal.

      Remember, the fossil fuel industry wants us to give ip. To believe we’re helpless. “You can’t fight city hall (or big corporations).” It is in their hsort term interest to do do. It is not in ours.

  • Curious

    Al: You didn’t get it right the first time. that’s an inconvenient fact.

    • Ehkzu

      I take it you mean your screen name to be ironic.

  • Skip Conrad

    There are gaps and problems with the Climate Change model. Can you address the following:

    1. over the past 150 years, GAST (Global Average Surface Temperature) has increased .80 degrees. That doesn’t seen like much to many people / most people.

    2. everybody (99.99%) agrees climate change exists, because our planet over her 4 billion year life has been extremely cold, very tropical, and has experienced a host of different climates. Everybody knows that. But climate change is not about climate change!

    3. The scientists are all in agreement on climate change? I disagree. There are as many schisms, and opposing groups within the scientific community as in the political community, the medical community, the architectural community, etc. Skepticism, debate, and free speech are good things.

    4. There are prominent skeptical scientists such as Nobel winner Ivar Giaever, who has stated:
    “How can you measure the average temperature of the Earth? I don’t think that’s possible.”

    5. Why is there a de-emphasis of human population growth? In all human history no century has averaged over a billion humans until the 20th century. Now our numbers are over 7.5 billion. When you look at the hockey stick, it maps perfectly to human population growth. Why is the phenomenon not called ‘human overpopulation’ instead of ‘climate change’? Remember, humans have been pouring CO2 into the atmosphere ever since they invented fire.

    • Ehkzu

      1. Actually it’s .85 degrees CELSIUS–it’s 1.53 degrees Fahrenheit. Using Celsius while not specifying it is deceptive in a country that uses Fahrenheit. That doesn’t seem like much to most people because (1) they have no idea what that rise actually means in practical effects and (2) right wingers don’t want to know what it means, because knowing what it means would lead to the need for Big Government intervention-which runs contrary to their Jeffersonian secular theology-belief “Government Bad Business Good.”
      If you’d been in New York City during Hurricane Sandy when the storm surge inundated lower Manhattan, or the Miami area during king tides, or at the CDC looking at the invasion of America by tropical diseases once kept out by the climate–or if you even realized that the low-seeming average is due to most of Earth’s surface being ocean, while the rise over land is much higher…you might start to understand how serious such a small-seeming rise really is.

      Especially since the rate of rise is accelerating steadily, and will inevitably lead–absent major changes in human CO2 output–to a broad band around the Equator becoming uninhabitable by humans at sea level some time in the next century.

      2. Silly point. Yes, climate changes throughout Earth’s history. What you’re ignoring is the fact that we’re now outside the range of climate during which human beings have existed on this planet, along with the fact that while a number of factors produce climate change, for the last century human activities have completely overwhelmed every other factor.

      3. Among climate scientists, .01% of those currently publishing research in peer-reviewed climate science journals dispute the fact of ACC. More broadly, over 87% of AAAS members agree with the climate scientist community. That 13% of naysayers comprise reflexive contrarians, scientists receiving funding from the fossil fuel industry, and old coots whose glory days are long past, but who are lionized on the right wing lecture circuit. Virtually none of the naysayers have a background in climate science. And every national science association of every developed country agree with the climate scientists. Just because you can produce this guy or that who disputes the consensus is statistically meaningless. That is, you’re grasping at straws.

      4. You forgot to mention Ivar Giaever’s backgound. Here’s a hint: it isn’t climate science. Did you you there are different fields of science? This guy has zero research background in climate science. He’s 88 years old. Here’s a detailed discussion of his claims and why he’s completely wrong:
      To take what one elderly scientist says about a field unrelated to his how own as refuting what the actual scientists in that field say virtually unanimously is ridiculous. And, again, grasping at straws.
      When the tobacco industry was running its propaganda campaign they could produce scientists in their pay who would say that there’s no way to prove that cigarettes cause cancer. You can always find people who will say what you want them to say for their 30 pieces of silver.

      5. Human population growth is the ultimate cause of ACC. So? Does that mean we shouldn’t be trying to stop the processes that will make Earth a significiatly less hospibable place for humans to live on in every way we can? We should support women’s rights, because women with rights don’t have 9 kids. We should support free abortions on demand, no questions asked, everywhere on Earth. And we should support doing everything we can to replace 19th century energy sources–that is, the fossil fuel industry–with other energy sources. No one thing precludes the others, and no one thing is a substitute for the others.

      • Curious

        Wow! So many cut-and-paste lies, so little time.

      • William – SF

        Well said, nicely documented.

      • Fielding Mellish

        Ooh my …1st round knock out, get the ring doctor !!

  • We all need to do more to reduce global warming and pollution in general. My own household is going zero waste as well as zero green house gases — thanks to our solar panels, electric car, bikes, and Silicon Valley Clean Energy. Leaving the Paris Agreement is a crime against humanity.

    • Curious

      “Leaving the Paris Agreement is a crime against humanity.”


  • 1PeterDuMont2STARALLIANCE8

    It has long seemed obvious to me that “The Big Bucket” of global resources needed to arrest and remediate climate change is still largely squandered on armaments and unresolved conflicts.

    A truly tiny fraction of the defense budgets of the world re-directed to more effective conflict resolution and prevention — at every level of society — would soon unlock sufficient resources to preserve our collective environment.

    Meanwhile — as touched on by Mr. Shenk in today’s discussion — the peace, environmental, and social justice movements should attempt to integrate and support each other even more explicitly than they have to date. An exposition of baseline values for good social behavior to catalyze this effort and improvements generally may be found at

    • Leung Salame

      Oh yeah, ask nicely for all that peace love & understanding.. from the hulking superpower monstrosities? Not gonna happen. US dollar, for example, is enforced by bombs. What are Obomba+Trump bombing now, 7 countries? No declaration of war. Good luck with your asking nicely for some power.

  • Ehkzu

    Senator Gore made some exaggerations about the pace of man-caused climate change in An Inconvenient Truth. This enabled the fossil fuel industry’s pawns and shills to try to delegitimze the other 90% of what he said that was factual. Gore knew that right now the main victims of ACC (Anthropogenic Climate Change) are poor people in other countries–the regular tidal flooding of parts of the Miami area and the vulnerability of low-lying cities on the eastern seaboard notwithstanding. Gore knew how sellfish and short-sighted the American Right is, but in trying to make ACC’s consequences more immediate to such people he did the cause no favor. Hopefully this sequel will stick to the facts and hope that the American Right might at least care about their own children and grandchildren–though there’s good reason to doubt this, despite their incessant moral posturing.

    • Curious

      “Exaggerations”??? Lies and major errors. Made him a rich man, though.

    • Leung Salame

      I’ve not seen it– can’t stand any “documentaries” that’re strewn with mind-F music etc, but I’d say it’s forgiveable as he may have just been trying to draw attention to some of the more dire possibilities. Buy you’re right, picking over-the-top storylines doesnt wind up helping.
      Worst of all– he’s hypocritical as an environmentalist. Occidental Petroleum heir? Oh ya, what a “one of us” freaking hero. Puhleaze. Take many jet trips much, Mr. Wealthy Elite Man?

  • chriswinter

    What does the film say about the trend in what Amory Lovins calls “the low-hanging fruit” — energy conservation, which in my opinion is badly under-emphasized in this country?

  • Bill_Woods

    Correction: In 2016, Germany got 8% of its electricity from solar, less than in 2015.

  • Kurt thialfad

    Our just passed SF city budget includes expenditures for installation of cigarette butt disposal units in the Richmond and Sunset districts.

    But tossing your butt is littering, punishable by a $100+ fine. Why not enforce out littering laws – and bring in revenue instead of squandering it.

    A good way to do this, is to have some entrepeneur set up a website where videos of your friends, neighbors, coworkers, tourists, strangers, etc. tossing their butt, can be posted. The way for a butt-tosser embarrassing video to be removed from the site, is to pay his fine. Of course the videotographer would get a monetary cut, as well.

    Smokers will continue to litter where there are no cigarette butt disposal units

    • Ehkzu

      Completely off topic.

  • Curious

    In the 1960s and ’70s, top mainstream media outlets, such as Newsweek, hyped the imminent global-cooling apocalypse. Even as late as the early 1980s, prominent voices still warned of potential doomsday scenarios owing to man-made cooling, ranging from mass starvation caused by cooling-induced crop failures to another “Ice Age” that would kill most of mankind.

    Among the top global-cooling theorists were Obama’s “science czar” John Holdren and Paul Ehrlich, the author of Population Bomb, which predicted mass starvation worldwide. In the 1971 textbook Global Ecology, the duo warned that overpopulation and pollution would produce a new ice age, claiming that human activities are “said to be responsible for the present world cooling trend.” The pair fingered “jet exhausts” and “man-made changes in the reflectivity of the earth’s surface through urbanization, deforestation, and the enlargement of deserts” as potential triggers for his new ice age. They worried that the man-made cooling might produce an “outward slumping in the Antarctic ice cap” and “generate a tidal wave of proportions unprecedented in recorded history.”

    Holdren predicted that a billion people would die in “carbon-dioxide induced famines” as part of a new “Ice Age” by the year 2020.

    Ehrlich, a professor at Stanford University, similarly claimed in a 1971 speech at the British Institute for Biology, “By the year 2000 the United Kingdom will be simply a small group of impoverished islands, inhabited by some 70 million hungry people.” He added, “If I were a gambler, I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000 and give ten to one that the life of the average Briton would be of distinctly lower quality than it is today.”

    • Ehkzu

      Ignorance can be overcome. Wilful ignorance cannot.

      Some journalists talked about global cooling back in the 1970s. But the climate science community mostly predicted what has actually happened. Do you know the difference between a journalist and a scientist, and between a climate scientist and, say, a food scientist? Evidently not.

      You aren’t quoting CLIMATE scientists because they say what every educated person today realizes.

      In other words, you’d using the “Loo! Squirrel!” ploy so popular among tightie righties.

      • Curious

        Your reading and comprehension issues are your problem.

  • Richard Grow

    I worked for Al Gore for 8 years when he was VP and I was (and still am) at EPA. FRankly I still don’t understand how he spoke and did so little during that time. He had written a great book (Earth in the Balance) and climate change was not unknown at the time. I would love to hear what kept him/them frm doing mre (anything ?) at the time but can’t get through on your phone. Richard (510) 507-1283

    • Leung Salame

      He’s just a flaming phony. Left writers have gone on about this in great detail over his entire career.. see the counterpunch links for example. He’s just out supporting #singlepayer.. ooh! Now that Repugs are fouling themselves & even Chuckie Schumer realizes middlemen are stupid, he gets religion. Too bad he said nothing when Nancy “gotta pass it to see what’s in it” Pelosi was ramming through ROMNEYCARE which is the hell we now endure!

  • Bill_Woods

    The Tennessee Ozarks?

  • rocco

    The Chinese continue to add to global warming.

    Over all, 1,600 coal plants are planned or under construction in 62 countries, according to Urgewald’s tally, which uses data from the Global Coal Plant Tracker portal. The new plants would expand the world’s coal-fired power capacity by 43 percent.

    The fleet of new coal plants would make it virtually impossible to meet the goals set in the Paris climate accord, which aims to keep the increase in global temperatures from preindustrial levels below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Ehkzu

      Look! Squirrel!

      In other words, global climate change is hard to slow down, so give up.

      Exactly what the fissil fuel industry’s shills and pawns want us to do. Give up and them continue to profit at the expense of our children and grandchildren.

      The only nations not trying to change, today, are the USA and I think Kazakstan or some such. The Chinese add far less to global warming per capita than the USA. China has made a major and real commitment to replacing coal power with modern energy sources. It is now a world leader in alternate energy tech, while the USA rows vigorously backwards.

  • Curious

    Al Gore’s environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth contains nine key scientific errors, a High Court judge ruled yesterday.

    The judge declined to ban the Academy Award-winning film from British schools, but ruled that it can only be shown with guidance notes to prevent political indoctrination.

  • Leung Salame

    Seldom tune in anymore, and doing so today was really nauseating. Krasny has turned into a pretty danged gullible fauxgressive in his old age. Gore is an abysmal hypocrite, & nothing but horrific as a poster boy for environmentalism & the Left. (His one admirable quality was opposing gun control, which he seems to’ve abandoned.) MSM loves right-center Demorats like this, so won’t clue you in as to:
    and on & on..

    • Ehkzu

      That is, you know nothing whatsoever about the subject of this hour’s program, except that you hate libruls and libruls believe this so it must be wrong.

      And people like you inflicted the most corrupt, incompetent President in American history on the rest of us, thanks to gerrymandering and voter suppression. Yay.

      • Curious

        You are blaming conservatives for Obama???

        • Leung Salame

          Where did I mention Obama?

          • Curious

            I replied to Ehkzu.

          • Leung Salame

            Right u are.. my bad. And I see ur little cheeky double entendre there, tho I don’t entirely agree. Dubya had to be worse, yes?

      • Leung Salame

        btw ur right about voter suppression. DNC talking about it? NOPE. Russia russia RUSSIA! Whatevs. Go lose some more, idiot Party. Just elevated a BigPharma lobbyist to head of Cali DNC, while 83% of polled Dems want singlepayer. What a party. Have Greg Palast on, Michael.

  • Curious

    Back home in Tennessee, safely ensconced in his suburban Nashville home, Vice President Al Gore is no doubt basking in the Oscar awarded to “An Inconvenient Truth,” the documentary he inspired and in which he starred. But a local free-market think tank is trying to make that very home emblematic of what it deems Gore’s environmental hypocrisy.

    Armed with Gore’s utility bills for the last two years, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research charged Monday that the gas and electric bills for the former vice president’s 20-room home and pool house devoured nearly 221,000 kilowatt-hours in 2006, more than 20 times the national average of 10,656 kilowatt-hours.

    • Ehkzu

      So global warming isn’t happening, despite what virtually every climate scientist and national science association says, because Al Gore has high electricity bills?

      Could you make a sillier argument than this? It would take some effort.

      • Leung Salame

        I only upvoted due to his pointing out the hypocrisy. Hypocrites will NOT help the environmental movement. Go jet around & spend ur ill-gotten lucre, Mr. Gore.


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