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On Friday morning the Trump administration announced new sanctions on Iran, in response to Iran’s test launch of a missile on Sunday and after a week of tense back-and-forth comments between the two countries. We discuss the state of U.S.-Iran relations under President Trump and the fate of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

U.S. Issues New Sanctions on Iran in Response to Test Missile Launch 3 February,2017Mina Kim

Abbas Milani, director of Iranian studies, Stanford University; author, "The Shah"
Phil Ewing, NPR's national security editor

  • Paul

    This! Is! Sparta!


    I guess the atomic end of the World have progressed significantly to midnight to human annihilation and Holocaust by the the selection of Donald Trump to the presidency of the U S, as his my way or the highway have been routine of his policies since he took office, he has been pulling fight with many Americans and American institutions almost on daily bases since he took office. as Trump back ground and history as shady business man and casino owner plays big part in his decision making, he also recently pulled a fight with the prime minister of Australia which have been one of our best allies with all that country history. Iran is not Iraq, as it is a very big country with a very large army, as any attack on that country will set the whole middle east and may be even the whole World on fire.


    It is now obvious that Trump is playing to the Israeli lobby and Israel itself who have been salivating at an all out attack on Iran for the last decade as Barack Obama resisted their dangerous and inhumane wish as he must pay his dues to the lobby which played big rule in bringing him to the office specially when he promised them to tear up the Iranian agreement made possible and executed by President Obama…..If in fact an attack Iran by the U S happens, the whole middle east including Israel will be in great danger of destruction and annihilation and that may engulf the whole World in nuclear Holocaust……Real sad and very scary,

  • John

    Remember the Maine? Tonkin? Now Iran. Fake news starts wars.

    • Paul

      KQED is a sewer pipe spewing fake news into the ocean of your unconsciousness. To be fair though most of the big chunks falling out come from the CFR.

  • Sean Dennehy

    With Trump’s comments that Iran nearly collapsed until Obama threw them a lifeline, it’s become pretty clear that this really has nothing to do with nuclear weapons and everything to do ensuring Iran fails as a country and that the Iranian people suffer. These are the GOP’s real goals.

  • Charles S

    Apparently Iran tested a cruise missile (NOT a ballistic missile), and this is NOT in violation of any UN resolution. (Not to say this is a good thing one way or another, but Iran is perfectly within its right to do so.)

  • Paul

    Is the USA a puppet state of Saudi Arabia?

  • Another Mike

    I have heard that Iran has been supplying missile technology to North Korea. Maybe the spectre of North Korea being able to drop nuclear warheads on its neighbors is what’s behind Trump’s move.

  • Curious

    Obama created an unprecedented mess.

    • jake3_14

      For a troll, you sure are short on talking points.

  • wbeeman

    Trump’s sanctions on Iran are ridiculous. They are not warranted.

    First, Iran is not in violation of any UN Resolution. This is a “trumped up” charge. UNSC Resolution 2231 endorsing the “Iran Deal” eliminates all existing sanctions on Iran.The “Iran Deal” has nothing at all to do with conventional weapons or missiles–only nuclear development.

    Buried on page 99 of the 104 page Resolution 2231 is a clause that “calls for” Iran not to test a ballistic missile “capable of carrying a nuclear weapon.” This does not prohibit Iran from testing missiles in general, which are conventional military equipment. No one knows whether the recently tested missile could have carried a nuclear weapon, since it blew up, and because Iran has no nuclear weapons program, there are no nuclear weapons to mount on such a missile.

    And anyway, when is the United States called on to take any unilateral action based on a United Nations Resolution? We certainly have not done so for other Resolutions that have been ignored.

    These sanctions are absurd. Not only are they based on nothing, they single out people who have already been sanctioned, so they will have no effect at all.

  • BDN

    “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBGPw_LBiRA

    • BDN

      sorry but to me Abbas Milani, director of Iranian studies, Stanford University; author, “The Shah” sounds to me like an all but thinly veiled academic apologists for all things Islam, Mohammed, and Iran, and a shameless Trump critic … “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”

  • SynerGenetics

    If President Trump wishes to engage Iran, his kid should enlist to lead by example.


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