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It sounds like a Hollywood thriller: Noel Field was a Harvard graduate and rising star in the State Department in the 1930s. He was also a Russian spy. In her new book, “True Believer: Stalin’s Last American Spy,” journalist Kati Marton examines how Moscow seduced and later betrayed the idealistic young Field. With tensions over Russia’s hacking of the U.S. election heating up, Marton joins us to talk about Field’s dramatic story.

The Secret Life of ‘Stalin’s Last American Spy’ 10 January,2017Ray Suarez

Kati Marton, author, "True Believer: Stalin's Last American Spy"; her other books include "The Great Escape" and "Paris: A Love Story"

  • Livegreen

    And here I thought she meant Donald Trump.

    • Kevin Skipper

      At least Trump is a man about it. Everyone else has made their Communist counterparts into archvillans and aberrant psychopaths.

  • Mykuhl

    There’s a huge and terrible irony in the fact that less than three decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union we are on the verge of administering the oath of office to someone who appears to be a Russian operative.

    • Kevin Skipper

      What do you think Reagan did in his spare time? Listen (rather listen between the agenda-based media lines) to the assigned liberalism coming from your radio! Foreign operatives have been employed to surveil domestic revolutionaries since the Revolutionary War.

    • Patricia Rose-Wagner

      My question/comment is similar. It seems we are about to have as President a man who was put in this position by Russia.

      • Kevin Skipper

        Nope. No discussion. Just propaganda and assumed liberal populism. Welcome to The Socialist Democratic Republik Mother Amerika.

        UC Berkeley, ├╝ber Alles….

  • Kevin Skipper

    The ugly, BLACK side of things.

    Nice phrasing, Suarez.

    Kudos to kind Communists for befriending ‘Blacks’ at NO advantage to their own careers. Thanks Ms Martin. Comedy.

    So you know, we prefer the term “PEOPLE.”
    Black People
    Black Americans
    Black Citizens.

    If you want to sound really awake, try on ‘Melanated’ for size.

  • Aurora

    While the biography is interesting, the author has a myopic interpretation of history in the 1920 and 1930s. After the 1917 Revolution, the Soviet Union was utterly isolated and starved by western powers who went to great lengths to destroy the new regime. The hope for a world revolution was never a ‘secret’ operation. But little was actually done by the Soviets to make this a reality. In the 1930s, the Soviet Union was in the grips of severe economic and social crisis. Overthrowing the U.S. was not at the top of their agenda and even if it was, they were absolutely incapable of acting on this objective. Meanwhile, U.S. pursued its policy of Manifest Destiny and their European allies controlled the rest of the world as colonial possession where they arrested and killed plenty of people who resisted them. So let’s not leave out the bigger picture and this will help the audience understand the motivation of the people being described.

  • Kevin Skipper

    The administrator had better let me post my James Bond comment. Too funny to miss!
    Didnt mean to duplicate it…

    • Kevin Skipper

      Would have been nice to hear that the guests parents were journalists imprisoned under Stalin. Thats a bummer.

  • trite

    Was he released from prison? What happened to him at the end of his life? Was he still a “believer”?

  • Robert Thomas

    I kept thinking, “isn’t this Costa-Gavras’s guy (The Confession)?” Thanks, Neil, for confirming.

  • Kevin Skipper

    “Russias interests have NEVER aligned with ours.”

    Pretty ambitious considering the UN, the Mujahedeen, and a series of pro-petrochemical administations.

    • Kevin Skipper

      Russian and America share a love, love relationship with spying and disinformation.

  • Kevin Skipper

    “Could it be that DJT could be influenced by Russia aka global corporate interests?!?!?”
    Looks like liberals are being primed for four years of circular paranoia, Neo-Parastroika and counter productive dream chasing while running from your shadows.

  • RichManJoe

    The Soviets were experts then and their protege are experts now at playing a person like a fiddle to get what they want.

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