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Thanks to a $400 million donation from Nike co-founder Phil Knight, Stanford University announced it will create the world’s largest graduate-level scholarship program. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program was the project of outgoing Stanford president John Hennessy, and will admit 100 students, one-third from North America and two-thirds from the rest of the world, who are dedicated to solving issues like poverty and global warming. Stanford will start accepting applications in the summer of 2017.

John Hennessy, president, Stanford University

  • Steve

    We should remember, that because contributions to universities are tax-deductible, a substantial portion of this donation is actually being provided by American taxpayers, and Phil Knight’s actual contribution is lower than $400 million.

    • Kurt thialfad

      Adoption expenses are also tax deductible. Remember, the US taxpayer is subsidizing Madonna’s, Oprah’s, and Angelina Jolie’s Africa trips.

  • Kurt thialfad

    Knight’s gift comes with strings attached. This is a big problem with the current trend of philanthrophic funding of public projects. However, in order to receive the gift one must cater to the agenda, prejudices, and ‘strings’ of the donor.
    I would prefer that Knight be taxed at the higher rate, and the program being funded by public money with no strings attached.

    • Bill_Woods

      You don’t think government money comes with strings attached?

      • Kurt thialfad

        Yes, like you have to give back some years of public service. I prefer the gov’t strings. Less random, flacky, and irrational.

    • Kurt thialfad

      To correct Hennessey, who doesn’t see the ‘strings’. First of all “1/3 Americans and 2/3rds foreign” is a string. “Solving poverty and global warming” is another string.

  • Ben Rawner

    Does Standford really need more money? They are already an Ivy League level school whitch has millions to spare. Why not donate it to the real needy people.

  • Robert Thomas

    Stanford’s endowment may be bloated but honestly, who the heck cares what a clown like Malcolm Gladwell thinks about anything?

  • Skip Conrad

    I truly doubt that the donation terms include any stipulation that the foreign student must return home after graduation. The global brain drain will continue, to the detriment of the planet.

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