Taylor Mac singing in a microphone.

Raised in Stockton, Taylor Mac tells a story of how he stole away to San Francisco as a teen and saw gay people for the first time during a pride parade. The playwright, performance artist, and self-professed “radical, liberal queer” was named by the Village Voice as New York City’s best actor in 2013. Mac returns to the Bay Area this month with a show that was inspired by that long-ago visit to San Francisco, “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music.”

Taylor Mac’s ‘A 24-Decade History of Popular Music’ Comes to San Francisco 19 January,2016forum

Taylor Mac, singer/songwriter and playwright, he'll appear in "A 24-Decade History of Popular Music" at the Curran theatre

  • De Blo

    What is this term ‘q*eer’? ‘Queer’ means strange or bizarre, which gay people are not. It is highly offensive to imply that some gay people are q*eer. Indeed, heterosexuals are much more likely to be queer than gay people. Please do not try to use such an inaccurate and offensive term to apply to those of us who are gay. As a gay San Franciscan in my 30’s, I know many hundreds of gay women and men and I have never met and never hope to me a queer person. Society has know since at least the early 1970’s that there is nothing ‘queer’ about being gay and that gay people are somehow different, stranger, or inferior to heterosexual people. I will certainly never go to a show or support an organization that uses such an offensive and inaccurate term.

    • Roy

      It’s about reclaiming the word, yo. I’m gay and I’m queer. Deal with it. You won’t be missed at this show!

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