We examine some of the most significant new California laws of 2016, including tighter gun restrictions, a hike in the minimum wage, and a program to automatically register voters at the DMV.

John Myers, Sacramento Bureau Chief, Los Angeles Times. former Senior Editor of KQED's Politics and Government Desk.

  • Skip Conrad

    SB 432 (Mendoza sponsored) removes the word alien from the Labor Code.
    I wonder what they are going to replace it with? Foreigner? Etranger? Auslander? Outsider? Extra-terrestrial?
    I mean this is outright censorship, and an attempt to undermine the English language.

    SB 75, extends Medi-Cal benefits to those foreigners, etrangers, auslanders, outsiders, extra-terrestrials who are illegal present in the US/California. Notice I didn’t use the word “aliens”, which has now been censored out of the language – at least in our state it has.

  • Kurt thialfad

    AB622 will fine employers $10,000 for using eVerify. Check out the language:
    “…it shall be unlawful for an employer, or any other person or entity to
    use the federal electronic employment verification system known as
    Read the full law here:

    Granted there is much more in this law. I just don’t understand what is the point. It’s going to make it so difficult for employers to comply with background checks, they are simply no going to check at all. AB622 removes any incentive for an employer to background check their job candidates. To the detriment of public safety.

  • jurgispilis

    Here’s weird one.

    AB40 (a) No
    toll shall be imposed on the passage of a pedestrian or bicycle over
    any bridge that is under the jurisdiction of the district, on which the
    travel of pedestrians and bicycles is otherwise authorized.
    (b) This
    section shall remain in effect only until January 1, 2021, and as of
    that date is repealed, unless a later enacted statute, that is enacted
    before January 1, 2021, deletes or
    extends that date.

    So it looks like they will impose pedestrian and bicyclist bridge tolls in 5 years. This is so lame.

    AB 1073 requires the California State Board of Pharmacy publish on its Internet Web site translation of
    those directions for use into at least 5 languages other than English. A
    violation of that law is a crime. !!!
    Do you get to pick the 5 languages? Seems like a lot of expense for less value. IMHO.

    • Skip Conrad

      It’s crime to not translate into 5 different languages?!?! You got to be kidding.

  • Kurt thialfad

    AB1461 by Assemblywoman Gonzalez, is known as the “motor voter” law. Sponsored by
    Secretary of State Alex Padilla, it registers people to vote when they receive or renew their driver’s license, unless they opt out.

    We now have illegal aliens receiving drivers’ licenses in CA. Are we
    trusting these non-citizens to have the wherewithall to “opt out”?

    Plus, you are not required to show any proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

    I see a problem waiting to happen.

  • Ralph

    If the US debt goes any higher, should secession be on the ballot next time?

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